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PowerPoint Lesson 2 Creating and Enhancing PowerPoint Presentations PowerPoint Presentation
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PowerPoint Lesson 2 Creating and Enhancing PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint Lesson 2 Creating and Enhancing PowerPoint Presentations

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PowerPoint Lesson 2 Creating and Enhancing PowerPoint Presentations

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  1. PowerPoint Lesson 2Creating and Enhancing PowerPoint Presentations

  2. Creating Presentations • Create a PPT from a blank, existing, template or theme. • Templates are already formatted with certain themes, graphics, colors, fonts, and layouts.

  3. Headers and Footers • Insert tab>Text group>Header & Footer button. • You can add headers and footers to the slides or to the notes and handouts.

  4. Applying Themes • Theme—predesigned graphic styles that change the appearance of your slides without changing the content • Design Tab • There is a Live Preview feature where you can see the effect of the theme on your slide.

  5. Applying Themes • Themes come with default fonts and colors that you can change. • You can use a theme to change the appearance of a single slide without changing the rest of your presentation. • Design tab>Themes group>apply to individual slides by right-clicking the theme

  6. Using the Slide Master • slide master—controls the formatting for all slides • View>Slide Master

  7. Editing Pictures in PowerPoint • PowerPoint contains picture editing tools that allow you to edit, format and stylize a picture. • The Picture Tools Format tab includes buttons that allow you to adjust the picture’s contrast, color and brightness, set a transparent color, or compress the picture. • You can apply a style, add a border, crop, rotate, and resize the picture to best fit the slide. • The Reset Picture feature lets you undo the changes you have made.

  8. Adding Slides • You can add a slide to a presentation. • You can also duplicate an existing slide by right-clicking Duplicate Slide. • PowerPoint places the new slide after the selected slide, using the same layout as the selected slide.

  9. Finding and Replacing Text on Slides • Home tab>Editing group>Find and Replace • The Find command locates the word or phrase in the Find what text box. • The Replace command locates the word or phrase in the Find what text box and replaces it with the word or phrase you have typed in the Replace with text box.

  10. Adding Text to Slides • Placeholders—reserve space for the type of information you want to insert • How to add text: • Slide pane • Outline tab • text box or shape

  11. Changing Alignment, Spacing, Case • To change text alignment, use the alignment buttons. • To change the case of text, Change Case button.

  12. Working with Bullets • Bullets button on the mini toolbar or in the Paragraph group

  13. Changing Font Attributes • You can change the font • Home>Font • Mini toolbar

  14. Checking Spelling, Style and Usage • Spelling errors—wavy, red underline • Right-click to see choices • You can also use the Thesaurus to offer a selection of alternative words.

  15. Formatting Slides • To change the layout of an existing slide, on the Home tab, in the Slides group, click the Layout button.

  16. Adding Clip Art and Sounds to Slides If a content placeholder appears, you can choose from 6 objects: • Table • Chart • SmartArtgraphic • Picture from file • Clip Art • Movie • If there is no content placeholder, you can still insert clip art on a slide. • You can also insert a sound effect. When a sound is on a slide, you will see a sound icon.

  17. Inserting Hyperlinks • Hyperlink--allows you to jump to another slide, file, or to a Web site

  18. Using Custom Animation • Effects are organized into four categories: • Entrance –entry of object—green • Exit—exit of object--red • Emphasis—defines the animation—yellow • Motion Paths—use predefined paths—clear

  19. Using Slide Transitions • slide transitions—determine how one slide is removed and how the next one appears • Use Slide Sorter view