Nouns and compound nouns
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Nouns and compound nouns. NOUNS. Nouns are names of. Person- Marc, Lucy, Helen etc. Place- Lyon, Tunisia, London-etc Some class or category- cat, dog, king, prince Things- bottle, paper, book etc. Types of nouns. TYPES OF NOUNS WITH EXAMPLES.

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Nouns and compound nouns


Nouns are names of

  • Person-Marc, Lucy, Helen etc.

  • Place- Lyon, Tunisia, London-etc

  • Some class or category-

  • cat, dog, king, prince

  • Things- bottle, paper, book etc


Types of nouns


1. Proper noun- specific names: Lucy, George, France, Lyon etc.

NOTE: They are always written in capital letters.

2. Common noun: boy, book, shop, house etc. ( written in capital

only if they are in the beginning of the sentences).

Example: Houses are of many types.

3. Collective noun: A word used to represent a group of people or


Example: flock, jury, choir, team etc.

4. Abstract noun: A word which names something that you cannot

see, touch, smell or taste.

Example: childhood, joy, pleasure etc.

5. Uncountable nouns: Things which cannot be counted

Example: Food, music etc.


Compound nouns


  • Words can be combined to form compound nouns.

  • They normally have two parts.

  • Example: boy + friend= boyfriend.

  • police + man= policeman.

  • Noun can be compounded with different parts of speech and thus called as compound nouns.


  • The two parts may be written in many

  • ways

  • As one word: policeman, boyfriend

  • As two words joined with hyphen:

  • dining-table

  • 3. As two separate words: fish tank

  • NOTE: There are no clear rules


Nouns and parts of speech

Noun can be compounded with different parts of speech and thus called as compound noun

Noun + noun : bedroom, motor cycle, water tank

Ex: I have a red motor cycle.

Noun + verb : rain +fall, hair +cut.

Ex: There’s heavy rainfall today

Verb + noun: washing machine , swimming pool

Ex: I wash my clothes in washing machine.

Note: There are two forms N+V and V+N



Noun + adverb: hanger-on, passer-by.

Ex: Passers-by are not allowed to enter in

this gate.

Adverb + noun: onlooker, bystander

Ex: He looks like and innocent



Verb + adverb= lookout, take-off, drawback

Ex: He is very lazy and that is his drawback.

Adverb+ verb: out put,

over throw

Used in the sentences as noun

Ex: Manufacturing output

was down by 1.6% last year.

Some examples with


Adj with verbs

NOTE: We have adjective + noun but not noun+ adjective.

We have adjective pairing with verb

Adjective + noun : green house, soft ware.

Ex: This software is very useful in

capturing the data.

Adjective + verb : dry cleaning, public speaking

Ex: Good communication is important for

public speaking

(used as noun in the sentences)



Exercise: Choose and fill in the compound nouns

Driving license, haircut, greenhouse, washing machine, printer cartridge, swimming pool

A place where you can grow vegetables and flowers = a ____________

In your house, there is a where you can sleep ___________.

My clothes are dirty. I put them into the ___________.

Sarah went to the hairdresser. She's got a very nice __________.

I need a ___________ to use a car.

My printer doesn't work any longer. The __________ is empty.

The weather is very warm. Let's go to the ___________ !


Exercise 2

Exercise:2:-Combine the words in the bracket to form compound nouns

The boss has bought (save/time) ___________ machine tool.

2. In winter my (face/ north) _________________

bed room is very cold.

3. The (seat/back) _______ passenger must fasten

his seat belt.

This (straw-berry/wild) __________ice-cream was a delicious desert.

The (self/employed) workers complain about paying heavy taxes.


Noun +gerund

  • Verbs ( action words) with ‘ing’ are called gerunds.

  • Gerunds also combine with noun and become a noun-gerund combination

  • Example : Sea ( noun) + diving ( verb) = sea diving

  • .Sea diving is a good adventure.

  • I like horse riding


Exercise nouns and gerund

Choose the compound nouns given below and match the pictures.

Financial planning

Movie making

Horse riding

Sea diving

Pot making