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Aficionado Blog Network- News Bloggers PowerPoint Presentation
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Aficionado Blog Network- News Bloggers

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Aficionado Blog Network- News Bloggers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Aficionado Blog Network- News Bloggers
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  1. Aficionado Blog Network- News Bloggers

  2. Current Bloggers Aficionado iFor1- Justine Stanford Jamie Who- Andy Fenner Maketh Man- Brad Armitage New Bloggers Aficionado LadyK- Kamini Pather The Tudor- Tudor

  3. General Information

  4. Who is Aficionado Blog Network? Introduction Aficionado Network represents the best lifestyle bloggers in South Africa, who provide authentic, innovative and entertaining daily updates on their spheres of expertise -  namely fashion, lifestyle trends and food. The Network launched in July 2010 with three bloggers, Justine Stafford of IFOR1 Independent Fashion Blog, Andy Fenner of cult foodie blog Jamie Who?, and Brad Armitage of popular lifestyle and men’s fashion blog, Maketh Man.

  5. Aficionado Blog Network

  6. Aficionado Blog Network Creative Sizes Leaderboard 728x90 Wide Skyscraper 160x600 Content Box 300x250

  7. Aficionado Blog Network Demographics

  8. New Aficionado Network Bloggers

  9. Aficionado Blog Network- LadyK About me This collection of blogs will document the life and times of our Lady K who will be living the “Aficionado lifestyle” all day, everyday. Between fashion launches, foodie forays and simply living days and nights to their fullest, Kamini will seek out the best that life has to offer and explore it. Armed with her camera and spirit for the new and exciting, she will travel the city and report back on food, fashion, beauty, cars, bars and artisanal expression – all the little things that give our lives character because when all else fades away, she believes that life is in the detail.

  10. Aficionado Blog Network- Tudor About Me The Tudor is a simple blog by a guy with a long and complicated name. He travels places, takes on experiences, collects things, reviews cars, gear, gadgets, books, music and other stuff and interviews interesting people who might just inform your life along the way. “I’m like a bipolar magpie on speed, a cool-hunting trufflehound. If awesome experiences are paperclips, think of me as a super-magnet…or at the very least loose paper in need of order.  I don’t mind whether it’s shiny and new, dusty and old …as long as it’s interesting and worth a reader’s time I’ll endeavor to share it,” says Tudor Caradoc-Davies as he interviews himself in the third person, chestnut beard glowing in the afternoon light. From semi-nude model to human billboard, dishwasher, international man of mystery and agony uncle, Tudor has been many things. More relevantly he’s spent the past six years as a writer, editor, digital guy and contributor on a range of lifestyle magazines including GQ, Best Life, Men’s Health, Women’s Health and The Red Bulletin. Now, using his experience and eye for a good story, quality people, products and places, he is a blogger too.

  11. Aficionado Blog Network Special As an introductory rate to test the Aficionado Blog Network spend R 5 000 or more during June, July or August and qualify for a free promotional newsletter and product giveaway opportunity, sent to 2000 people weekly! Newsletter Value: R 2 000

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