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National Context.

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"We believe that nanotech is the next great technology wave, the nexus of scientific innovation that revolutionizes most industries and indirectly affects the fabric of society. Historians will look back on the upcoming epoch with no less portent than the Industrial Revolution."

Steve Jurvetson, Partner, Draper Fisher Jurvetson

over the next decade
Over the Next Decade
  • Current Manufacturing Methods will reach their limits
    • Si circuits will become unreliable at scale
    • Nano-material based devices will become widely available
  • In electronics, the Nanotechnology revolution will take root.
    • New plants and processes
    • Significant advances in disease prevention, diagnosis and control
    • Smart, adaptive materials
  • Working at the molecular level will become a basic scientific skill.
    • Post Secondary / Not Necessarily University
  • Nanotechnology clusters are forming – in the US and internationally.
    • And mature industry clusters will ultimately form around them.
  • Areas with broad based competencies in biotechnology, semiconductor, and software technologies have significant competitive advantage.
    • High costs and barriers to entry will increase the challenges of development and commercialization.
    • Winners & Losers have not been defined.
we all know that this will change industries broadly
We all Know That This Will Change Industries Broadly
  • The growth of nano patenting and scientific activity is at least the same order of magnitude as biotechnology
    • At a similar stage of development
    • Recombinant DNA in `73 vs. AFM in `86
and in patent rates
And in Patent Rates

Since 1977, number of nanotech patents granted has increased

more than three-fold.

US relative share is decreasing.

Source: Journal of Nanoparticle Research

but our previous technology strategy may be a poor guide for our nanotechnology economy
But – Our Previous Technology Strategy may be a Poor Guide for our Nanotechnology “Economy”


  • Nanotechnology will cross-cut many industries
  • It is a mix of Revolutionary Technologies
our economy will be broadly effected
Our economy will be broadly effected

Nanotechnology builds upon our strengths

50% of new products in advanced industrial areas will use NS&E by 2015

range of possible future developments and effects of nanotechnology
Range of Possible Future Developments and Effects of Nanotechnology

Either path will drive dramatic economic and workforce change

more profoundly perhaps
More profoundly, perhaps…
  • The “Rise of Nanotechnology”
    • Reverses the trend of specialization of scientific disciplines
    • Provides unifying concepts for research and education, a foundation for converging new technologies
  • Has stimulated a speed and scope to R&D programs that currently exceeds the capacity of regulators to assess human and environmental impact
    • Significant need for complex risk governance that crosses institutional boundaries
federal funding reflects this
Federal Funding reflects this

Largest single research funding stream at the federal level.

2008 budget request for US NNI is nearly $1.5 billion, more than tripling the funding in 2001 (first year of NNI)

Relative US share is still decreasing

funding trends u s
Funding Trends – U.S.

Twenty-five federal agencies participate in the NNI, 13 of which have an R&D budget for nanotechnology.

2008 budget request for U.S. NNI is nearly $1.5 billion, more than tripling the funding in 2001 (first year of NNI)

federal funding priorities
Federal Funding Priorities

in our backyard
In our backyard…
  • Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) Laboratory, Oak Ridge

Feb. 19, 2007—SNS beam accelerated to 1.01 GeV, a new world energy record for proton beam acceleration in a linear accelerator.

April 2-4

in this environment states are emerging as key drivers of collaborative r d
In this Environment, States are emerging as Key Drivers of Collaborative R&D
  • But not every region will be able to grow broad capabilities
    • Combination of research / infrastructure / talent / money / conducive business environment &
    • Enormous & perhaps prohibitive public investment
  • Only a few will develop major clusters
in this context
In this context…
  • In the spring of 2005, The NC Board of Science and Technology formed the Governor’s Task Force on Nanotechnology and the Economy.
  • Composed of twenty-eight members and broadly representing business, academia, and the public sector from across the state,
approach driven by landscape
Approach driven by landscape
  • Develop a roadmap for an aggressive and coordinated initiative to advance successful nanotechnology-based economic development and high-wage employment across North Carolina.
the task force report
The Task Force Report
  • Available at

Speaks to Technology Economy Broadly, and nano narrowly

Not a Strategic Plan, but a call to public and private action