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Goals and Objectives

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Goals and Objectives - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Goals and Objectives. Section 3-5. Goals and Objectives: A Comparison. Goals. Provide a framework for more detailed levels of planning. Are more specific than the mission statement, but general enough to stimulate creativity and innovation.

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  • Provide a framework for more detailed levels of planning.
  • Are more specific than the mission statement, but general enough to stimulate creativity and innovation.
  • Describe the “to be” state that is desired, i.e. the end result.


statewide strategic planning goals
Statewide Strategic Planning Goals
  • Will likely be developed at different levels:
    • State (these will be broad and help chart the direction for the state).
    • Program.
    • Sub-program.
  • Identify strategic issues that represent concerns of critical importance to the state.


criteria for goals
Clarify vision and mission.

Address priorities and results of SWOT.

Tend to remain unchanged.

Will normally encompass a long period.

Will address gaps between current and desired level of service.

Will represent results.

Will chart a clear direction, but will not set specific milestones or strategies.

Criteria for Goals


goals identify strategic issues that
Goals Identify Strategic Issues That:
  • Arise as a result of a state’s internal assessment.
  • Are generated by external forces.
  • Are addressed in the short-term.
  • Can be implemented over the long-term.
  • Lead to strategic planning objectives.


developing goals within a strategic planning framework
Developing Goals Within a Strategic Planning Framework
  • Establish the process.
  • Review internal and external assessment data.
  • Incorporate client and stakeholder feedback.
  • Analyze gaps in services.
  • Set direction to achieve desired results.
  • Draft and refine goals.


  • The development of objectives completes the “where do we want to be?” part of the strategic planning process.
  • Good objectives should be SMART:
    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Attainable
    • Results-oriented
    • Time-bound


formulating objectives
Formulating Objectives
  • Review the mission and goals.
  • Decide what results are desired.
  • Set a time frame for achieving results.
  • Build in accountability.


goal or objective
Goal or Objective????
  • Improve the implementation of victims’ rights.
  • Promote peace and justice in our world.
  • Develop a brochure that delineates victims’ six core rights, and provide 200 copies to each domestic violence shelter in the state by December 2003.


goal or objective1
Goal or Objective????
  • Conduct a focus group with victims/ survivors to develop 10 critical issues for a basic needs assessment.
  • Make victims’ rights a priority for this state’s Administration.
  • Conduct 10 trainings in 2003 in City X about victim compensation to help service providers assist victims with their applications.


state team activity
State Team Activity
  • Finalize:
    • Vision Statement
    • Mission Statement
    • Values Statement
  • Once all are completed, they will be typed and returned tomorrow.
  • Once completed, develop three goals and three objectives.