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Osher Lifelong Learning Institute PowerPoint Presentation
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Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

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Osher Lifelong Learning Institute - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

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  1. University of Richmond School of Continuing Studies Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

  2. The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Richmond, School of Continuing Studies, was established in 2004 through a grant and a subsequent endowment from the Bernard Osher Foundation of San Francisco. The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) provides intellectual stimulation and civic engagement for a vibrant community of like-minded students age 50 and better. Who We Are!

  3. We support healthy aging. Our programs are organized around the notion that older adults require intellectual stimulation, physical activity, and social engagement. We value life experience. Most of our programs are led by older adult volunteers. Learning is for the sake of learning. Our programs issue no grades or credit. There are no prerequisites to participating other than a desire to learn. Our Values

  4. As the University of Richmond is a prestigious liberal arts institution, our courses and programs “mirror” those of the university. We provide programs directed toward the enrichment of life through continued learning. The members are the primary resources of the OLLI, together with those of the university and the community at-large, are utilized in bringing their collective body of knowledge and talents to the participants. Our Mission

  5. University of Richmond School of Continuing Studies Jane Dowrick, Director, Osher Institute Staff to Leadership Council Our Organization

  6. Many of the OLLI’s course leaders have never actually taught. They are engineers, doctors, investors, lawyers, musicians, both professionals and amateurs who are excited about their fields of interest and who wish to improve their knowledge of teaching and their teaching skills in order to more effectively engage their students. Our Leaders

  7. Because teaching and leading mature adults is different from teaching and leading children and college-aged students, the Leader Support Committee of the OLLI Leadership Council provides a short introductory workshop to identify interests and skills and provide instruction and materials to those who have an area of expertise to share and who wish to more effectively engage our members in that process. teaching and leading mature adults

  8. Class Rotation – 2011 Council

  9. The Council Chair and Vice Chair each will serve terms of 1 year. • The Council Chair will serve in an advisory capacity as an ex officio member of the Council for 1 year following the last year of their term. • In the event a Council member cannot fulfill their term in office, the Council Chair and Vice Chair, upon receipt of the member’s resignation from council will nominate a Osher member to fill the unexpired term subject to confirmation by the Council. Those individuals nominated and confirmed to fill an unexpired them on Council are not eliminated from consideration and nomination to a regular 3 year Council term. This may run consecutive to the unexpired term they are filling. Succession Plan– Advisory Council

  10. The Council members will be asked to submit name(s) of nominees for service on the Council to the Nominating Committee not later than the Council’s September meeting each year. Succession Plan– Advisory Council

  11. The Nominating Committee’s nominee for Council Vice Chair will be presented to the Council for confirmation at its December meeting. The Vice Chair with begin serving upon confirmation by the Council. The vice chair will succeed the chair beginning the year following the end of the current chair’s term. Succession Plan– Vice chair

  12. The Past Council Chair (ex officio member of the Council) will serve as the non-voting Chair of the Council’s Nominating Committee. • The Council Nominating Committee will be composed of the 3 Council members who are leaving the Council at the end of their class year. • The Nominating Committee will begin its deliberations following the September Advisory Council meeting. • The Committee’s selection of nominees for the Advisory Council will be presented to the Council for confirmation at its December meeting. • Those confirmed will begin their three (3) year terms at the first meeting of the Council in the year following confirmation (usually in March). • The Nominating Committee will also nominate one of the currently serving Council members from those having 2 years remaining in their terms on Council to become the Council Vice Chair. Succession Plan– Nominating Comm.