Fast surface visibility for parcels mtac workgroup 107
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FAST / Surface Visibility for Parcels MTAC Workgroup # 107 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FAST / Surface Visibility for Parcels MTAC Workgroup # 107 . November 8, 2007 Washington DC. Progress Update. June 2007 – Completed conceptual design for integration between FAST, Surface Visibility (SV) and eVS

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FAST / Surface Visibility for ParcelsMTAC Workgroup # 107

November 8, 2007

Washington DC

Progress update l.jpg
Progress Update

  • June 2007 – Completed conceptual design for integration between FAST, Surface Visibility (SV) and eVS

    • With full integration, eVS customers will be able to get visibility for all appointments by eFile number if provided in FAST

    • FAST will provide additional visibility data such as sampling time from eVS along with existing visibility data such as arrival, unload start, unload end, etc.

  • Obtained approval and sign-off of conceptual design from all integrating groups

  • July 2007 – Reviewed conceptual design presented to MTAC 107 and General Session in July 2007

Fast enhancements l.jpg
FAST Enhancements

  • Create/Manage Scheduled Appointments

    • Mailers may indicate content as eVS and submit eFile Number

    • FAST Web Services from PostalOne! (supported in future TM Spec)

  • FAST to send pre-notification of eVS Appointments to SV and eVS

    • eVS Indicator on Scheduled Appointments

  • Display time of eVS Sampling in FAST Appointment Closeout Report

Surface visibility enhancements l.jpg
Surface Visibility Enhancements

  • SV receives eVS Scheduled Appointments from FAST

  • Updates to SV IMD and SV Web to indicate content as eVS

    • Appointment level

  • SV will send shipment notification to eVS

    • eVS Appointment Arrivals

Evs enhancements l.jpg
eVS Enhancements

  • View Scheduled Appointments (from FAST) and Arrivals (from SV)

  • Link sample sets to scheduled appointments

  • Send Sampling Completed notification to FAST

  • eVS Online Application to provide additional functionality for Internal Users

    • Real-time Scheduled Appointments and Arrival Information

    • Set Sampling Priority for Appointments/Arrivals

    • Summarized Sample Data

Postalone pts enhancements l.jpg
PostalOne!/PTS Enhancements

  • Support IDEAlliance Transportation Messaging (TM) specification to provide eVS indicator and eFile number

  • Capture sampling information from eVS

  • Provide sampling information for PTS customers

Evs user requirements l.jpg
eVS User Requirements

  • eVS mailers will be required to enter the following information in FAST:

    • Identify FAST content as eVS content

    • Input the eFile Number associated to an eVS content

  • The information above will apply to the following FAST functionality

    • FAST Online and Web Services Appointments

    • FAST Online Recurring Appointments (no eFile Number)

    • FAST Online Stand-Alone Contents

Next steps l.jpg
Next Steps

  • Next Steps

    • Complete detailed requirements and design for system and interfaces in FAST

    • FAST and SV online application enhancements for eVS scheduled for Spring 2007 (Phase 1)

      • Utilize FAST online application to indicate if appointment has eVS content

      • Provide FAST data on eVS appointments to SV

    • Coordinate deployment schedule of other integrating systems: eVS, SV, PTS and PostalOne! (Phase 2)

      • Leverage Transportation Messaging (TM) to schedule appointments using Web Services

      • eVS online application receiving data from FAST

      • eVS receiving arrival notification from SV

      • eVS sending sampling data to FAST and PostalOne!

      • PostalOne! sending sampling data to PTS for CONFIRM customers