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ComEd Interim PIPP

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ComEd Interim PIPP. Fresh Start Program. Background. State legislation requires the implementation of a state-wide Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP) by 2011.

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comed interim pipp

ComEd Interim PIPP

Fresh Start Program

  • State legislation requires the implementation of a state-wide Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP) by 2011.
  • As a Part of that legislation each regulated utility is required to begin Interim PIPP programs this program year.
  • These programs will be very different from what will become the state-wide PIPP program.
program duration
Program Duration
  • Week of November 2 – June 30, 2010 (or six months after the customer signs up – whichever is later)
  • Applications will be taken until April 1, 2010


  • Placed on a payment plan of $10 /month
  • Opportunity to eliminate their arrearages by making on-time payments


  • Sign the customer up for the program
  • Contact the customer if they miss a payment or are in danger of being removed from the program
customer eligibility
Customer Eligibility

ComEd Customers are eligible for the program who meet each of the following criteria:

  • They are all Electric Space Heating Customers
  • They have been approved for LIHEAP
  • They are at or below 100% of poverty
  • They currently have an arrearage
  • They are active customers
customer benefit
Customer Benefit

Customers who are approved for the program will receive the following benefits:

  • Customer will be placed on a budget billing plan requiring a $10/month payment
  • There is a $150 max monthly credit from ComEd (see example below)
  • If the customer makes 6 on-time payments their arrearages will be eliminated

Example: # 1 Customer Bill amount - $100 Example #2 Customer bill amount - $200

Customer Obligation - $10 Customer Obligation - $10

ComEd Credit - $90 ComEd Credit - $150

The customer will have to make up the $40 difference

customer responsibilities
Customer Responsibilities

Customers will be expected to do the following:

  • Customers must make regular on-time payments to ComEd in the amount of $10
  • Pay any amount not covered by the $150 credit

Two consecutive missed payments or three total missed payments will result in being removed from the program


Each agency will be asked to do the following:

  • Identify eligible customers – either as they sign up for LIHEAP or from a list, provided by ComEd, of those already eligible
  • Explain the program, benefit, and customer obligations
  • Obtain a signed consent form from the customer
  • Forward to IACAA an electronic spreadsheet of the customers who have signed up and the signed consent form

Signing Up Customers

  • Once a LIHEAP customer has been approved, assuming they have met the other Fresh Start qualifications, you may sign them up for the program.
  • The customer will need to sign the consent form
  • Agency will place their name, account number, and LIHEAP amount on the spreadsheet.
  • E-mail the spreadsheet and consent form to Dan Manfredo at IACAA (
  • ComEd will be providing you with a list of Fresh Start eligible customers who have already been approved for LIHEAP this program year. These customers will need to be called and asked to return to sign the consent form.
process cont
Process (cont.)


  • Once a week ComEd will provide IACAA with a list of participants who are late on a payment
  • IACAA will forward that on to agencies
  • Agencies are asked to mail a letter to the customer as well as make a phone call to remind them the benefit of staying on the program
  • Agencies are asked to mail a second letter if the customer is close to being removed from the program
  • ComEd will pay the agency for each customer signed up for the program
  • ComEd will pay the agency for each first intervention
  • Payments to all agencies will be limited to 10% of the total program amount
thank you
Thank you

Contact Information:

Dan Manfredo

Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies