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Photoshop: Painting and Retouching PowerPoint Presentation
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Photoshop: Painting and Retouching

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Photoshop: Painting and Retouching - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Photoshop: Painting and Retouching. Computer Information Technology Section 7-4. Objectives. The student will Know how to select colors Understand the brush tool Apply transparency Be able to retouch images. Painting and Opacity.

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photoshop painting and retouching

Photoshop: Painting and Retouching

Computer Information Technology

Section 7-4


The student will

  • Know how to select colors
  • Understand the brush tool
  • Apply transparency
  • Be able to retouch images
painting and opacity
Painting and Opacity
  • The opacity level affects how transparent your brush stokes look:




brushes and blending
Brushes and Blending
  • Select both the brush size and “hardness”
    • Hardness affects the blending of the color with the surrounding area.
selecting colors
Selecting Colors
  • Multiple ways to select colors:
    • Swatches – Preset Colors
    • Color – Spectrum
    • Eyedropper – Copy color from another part of the picture or from another picture
retouching images
Retouching Images
  • Many ways to retouch images:
    • Clone stamp tool
    • Spot healing brush
    • Healing brush
    • Patch tool
clone stamp tool
Clone Stamp Tool
  • Lets you replace the pixels in one are of the image by sampling it from another area of the image.
  • You can also use this tool to alter the image.
spot healing brush
Spot Healing Brush
  • Paints pixels with sampled pixels and matches the texture, lighting, transparency, and shading.
  • Unlike the clone stamp, the spot healing brush automatically samples from around the retouched area.
healing brush
Healing Brush
  • Like the clone stamp you pick the area of the picture to use as a source (Alt click)
  • The difference is the healing tool will try to match the texture, lighting, transparency, and shading
patch tool
Patch Tool
  • Use the patch tool to replace a section of the image.
    • Select the section to be replaced (like the lasso tool)
    • Move the cursor around the picture until you find a suitable area to use as a replacement
rest of today
Rest of today

Two Choices:

  • Pots… Take the black and white picture of the wall and the pots (ps0602)
    • Select Image > Mode > RGB Color
    • Color 3 of the pots
    • Remove the window from the wall
  • Dandelion… Take the picture of the girl and the dandelion (ps0201)
    • Color the girl’s sweater a different color
    • Remove the dandelion from her hand.