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KCMA Environmental Stewardship Program PowerPoint Presentation
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KCMA Environmental Stewardship Program

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KCMA Environmental Stewardship Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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KCMA Environmental Stewardship Program

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  1. KCMA Environmental Stewardship Program [Company Name] [Date]

  2. Speaker’s Name [Speaker’s Title] [Company Name]

  3. About [Company Name]

  4. About KCMA • Voluntary, non-profit trade association for U.S. manufacturers of kitchen cabinets, bath vanities, decorative laminate products and suppliers to the industry • Manufacturing members account for 80% of cabinet sales in U.S. market • Committed to excellence in manufacturing through continued quality, advocacy, and leadership

  5. Not Just Another Green Program • Serious about Environmental Stewardship • Support from Board of Directors, Standing Committees, Members and Non-members • Not market driven but motivated by members wanting to do the right thing • KCMA has over 40 years of experience developing quality standards

  6. History of ESP • Created to help… • Cabinet manufacturers demonstrate commitment to environmental sustainability • Consumers identify environmentally-friendly products • Launched in 2006 • Only environmental certification program specifically focused on kitchen and bath cabinets

  7. History of ESP (cont.) • Voluntary program • Establishes a standard administered by a reputable organization with a long history of experience in the kitchen cabinet industry • Based on currently available materials and practices and will change as better materials and practices become available • Currently there are over 140 ESP Certified Companies

  8. ESP Credibility In March 2009, ESP earned approval from Architectural Testing, an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited certification organization, validating the ESP certification process. National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) ANSI-approved Green Building Standard™ references ESP as the benchmark in green cabinet standards.

  9. [Company] is ESP Certified • ESP created an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to the environment • Recognized the importance of sustainability • Met rigorous standards, some requiring 3rd party verification

  10. Exploring the Program • Certification based on compliance in five categories: • Air Quality • Product Resource Management • Process Resource Management • Environmental Stewardship • Community Relations • Manufacturers must earn points in each category

  11. Points Structure CATEGORY POINTS Air Quality 30 Product Resource Management 30 Process Resource Management 20 Environmental Stewardship 15 Community Relations 10 • Certification requires a minimum of 80 out of 105 points

  12. Exploring the Program (cont.) • Holistic approach to manufacturing sets it apart from other “green” programs • Examines process from growth and harvesting of raw materials to manufacturing the end product • ESP Seal displayed on certified products

  13. Air Quality • 80% of particleboard, medium density fiberboard, and plywood used in the cabinets must meet the formaldehyde emission level of the California Air Resources Compwood ATCM and must be third-party certified to meet low formaldehyde emission standards • 75% of cabinets must be finished domestically. Finishes emit no greater hazardous air pollutants than allowed by local plant operating permits

  14. Product Resource Management • 80% of particleboard, medium density fiberboard, and hardboard used in cabinets must contain 100% recycled or recovered fiber content • Manufacturers utilize an annual, written training plan to educate their hardwood suppliers of their preference for purchasing certified lumber • Hardwoods, softwoods and plywood purchased are certified through a recognized sustainable forestry program • Chain of Custody (COC) Certification of the manufacturer through a recognized sustainable forestry program is encouraged

  15. Sustainable Forestry & Selective Harvesting • Ensures the resources removed from forests are at levels the forest is capable of renewing without damaging future supplies • Selective harvesting is the practice of periodically removing mature trees in order to allow young trees to grow • Trees near their death or that have grown to an unproductive diameter can stunt younger trees growth • By periodically harvesting particular trees, forest regeneration is improved, leading to healthier forests

  16. Process Resource Management • Manufacturer has a comprehensive recycling program for process wastes • Manufacturer has a program for tracking and reducing process wastes with documented goals and reports • Manufacturer uses process by-products to generate alternative energy • Manufacturer has a documented energy conservation program

  17. Environmental Stewardship • Manufacturer is required to have a written policy stating a firm commitment to environmental quality • Manufacturer has an Environmental Management System • Manufacturer reviews environmental practices and policies of its key vendors and contractors • Manufacturer has a documented program that promotes the use of renewable/recycled materials

  18. Community Relations • Manufacturer demonstrates community involvement and leadership through service or charitable organizations • Manufacturer observes all federal, state, and local environmental requirements • ESP participants agree to report to KCMA with 60 days of any local, state or federal citation in excess of $50,000 per violation explaining the circumstances of the citation or violation. Such citation or violation could lead to termination from the program.

  19. Finding ESP Certified Cabinets • Identify [company’s] environmentally responsible cabinets by looking for the ESP seal • [Company’s] ESP certified cabinet are available [location] • Go to [company’s Web site] for more information on our cabinetry

  20. GreenCabinetSource.org • Aims to help educate audiences about ESP and KCMA’s role in encouraging environmental responsibility industry-wide • Consumers • Builders/Remodelers • Architects/Designers • Media • Press center

  21. Awards & Accolades • KCMA Environmental Stewardship Program Recognition • NAHB Green Building Award for Advocate of the Year • Reference in NAHB ANSI-approved Green Building Standard • Dan Esty endorsement • [Company] Recognition • [Add any relevant awards, etc.]

  22. Questions? Thank You!