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American Chemical Society. Planning Effective Events. Carol Libby Lehigh Valley Local Section Chair, LSAC Subcommittee on Grants and Awards Wayne Jones Binghamton Local Section Immediate Past Chair, LSAC. EVENTS PROGRAMS MEETINGS. The primary focus for your Local Section

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American Chemical Society

Planning Effective Events

Carol Libby

Lehigh Valley Local Section

Chair, LSAC Subcommittee on Grants and Awards

Wayne Jones

Binghamton Local Section

Immediate Past Chair, LSAC

American Chemical Society

Events programs meetings

The primary focus for your Local Section

Technical knowledge

Enhancing career

Sharing chemistry with community

Biggest budget item

What’s your dream project, a local section event that you feel passionate about?

Record this in your New & Improved Events List

American Chemical Society


To ensure effective events
To Ensure Effective Events

American Chemical Society


  • Use a schedule or timeline

  • Delegate

  • Follow-up


  • Yearly event schedule

  • Event Planning worksheet


Take an overview of local section events
Take an Overview of Local Section Events

___________________ ACS Local Section

20__ Event Schedule

American Chemical Society

Fill in the Event Schedule for your local section for 2010.

  • Add as many details as as you can

  • Include your “dream project(s)” and mark with *


Insights from yearly event planning
Insights from Yearly Event Planning

American Chemical Society

Type(s) of events

  • Technical

  • Career development

  • Social

  • Outreach

  • Education

  • Advocacy


How are we engaging the participation of chemists who are
How are we engaging the participation of Chemists who are….

Early, mid career and senior chemists?

From industry, academic, government, non traditional career fields?

From various educational backgrounds?

Under 35?


Differently abled? (disabled)

Of non-US origin (nationality)?

Hispanic, African-American, Native American Chemists or from other cultures?

Students (grad, undergrad and post docs)


LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered)?

K-12 Educators?

Of various socio-economic statuses?

American Chemical Society


Insights from yearly event planning1
Insights from Yearly Event Planning

American Chemical Society

Calendar, time of day, place, style

  • Leaders, members, and coordinators can get ACS business on their calendars early

  • Overscheduled times? Lulls that are opportunities?

  • Time of day, day of week

  • Geographic locales varied, analyze section roster by zip code

  • Vary venues: college/university/school, industrial site, museum

  • Dietary issues: Dinner/cocktails/snack


Insights from yearly event planning2
Insights from Yearly Event Planning

American Chemical Society

Who is doing what?

  • Is one person taking all the responsibility?

  • Risk of volunteer burnout

  • Do coordinator’s responsibilities match person’s interests and management strengths?

  • Planning meetings require officers’ time, too


Insights from yearly event planning3
Insights from Yearly Event Planning

American Chemical Society

Financial aspects

  • Coordinate with section’s budget planning

  • Other sources of funding and partnership?

  • Cost to member


Some ideas for events
Some Ideas for Events…

American Chemical Society

Discuss opportunities for regional cooperation for events

  • Joint meetings?

  • Share a speaker to reduce expenses?

  • Suggest an excellent speaker from your section

    Add ideas for regional cooperation to New & Improved Events List.


Some ideas for events1
Some Ideas for Events…

Technical events

Social events, possibly family inclusive

Advocacy - Interface with government

Public Outreach

National Chemistry Week (NCW), October 17-23, 2010

Chemists Celebrate Earth Day (CCED), April 22, 2010

National Lab Day

Museum demos/activities

Yearly focus

2010 Mentoring and Continuing Education

2011 International Year of Chemistry

American Chemical Society


Some ideas for events2
Some Ideas for Events

Find partners in community groups/institutions

General interest speakers: forensics, beverage making, history, environment, new therapies

Educational: co-host science fair or poster session

Electronic events: webinars, video feeds of meetings, a PowerPoint skills class

Section anniversaries

Host a regional meeting!!!!

American Chemical Society


Some ideas for events3
Some Ideas for Events…

Add 4 good event ideas to your New and Improved Events list.

Choose the event that you would most like to plan.

American Chemical Society


Essentials of the event planning process
Essentials of the Event Planning Process


The right person will have interest, experience, follow through.

What has to be done?

Verbs: identify, contact, develop, recruit

American Chemical Society

Please refer to blank Event Planning Worksheets.

You’ll work on details later in the session, but we want you to have this worksheet in mind during the next few slides.


Don’t forget time of year, budget planning restraints.

Also consider how many people tasks require.

Detail $ amounts

Need to know number of participants

IPG (January 31 and June 30 deadlines, time, requirements and restrictions)

Cosponsors: technical or community organizations, corporations

In-kind: printing, event space, AV, advertising, supplies, PR

PR: How to appeal to and reach targeted groups?

American Chemical Society


Be specific……

Rain, caterer no-show, extras show up, etc.

Objectives met? Define success ahead of time.

Not just numbers: reach new constituency, identify new volunteers or partners

Ask all participant types: planners, presenters, attendees

Feedback helps with saying “thank you” and requests for repeat funding

Build on momentum of event…….post event PR?


memories fade, planners move away

What are possible improvements for next time?

Write it up: post event PR, Annual Report, ChemLuminary Award nomination

American Chemical Society


Develop your event
Develop Your Event

  • Work on one of your ideas using blank Event Planning Worksheet (10 minutes)

  • Share your plan with a partner at your table to get their critique (5 minutes)

  • What are the biggest challenges to executing your event?

American Chemical Society


Your section is assured of effective events
Your Section Is Assured of Effective Events

American Chemical Society

  • You know the basics

  • Plan ahead – Plan ahead

  • Use a schedule – Create a timeline

  • Delegate – Delegate

  • Follow-up – Follow-up


Your section is assured of effective events1
Your Section Is Assured of Effective Events

American Chemical Society

You have the tools

  • Yearly event schedule

  • Event Planning worksheet

  • ACS Resources

    • Get Involved/Stay Involved

    • Peers: LSAC members, local section leaders met here

    • ACS Staff


Your section is assured of effective events2
Your Section Is Assured of Effective Events

American Chemical Society

You have a great start

  • Schedule of section events for the year

  • Possible opportunities for regional cooperation

  • 6 ideas for new or improved recurring events in your local section

  • A plan for a specific event, detailed and critiqued


Applying saturday learning
Applying Saturday Learning

Engaging and Motivating Volunteers

How to recruit the right people

How to encourage people to take on an assignment

How to give people a rewarding volunteer experience

Collaborating Across Boundaries

Gain members’ trust

Work with members who are peers or more seasoned volunteers

Developing Communication Strategies

Communicate new ideas

Communicate with non-chemists

Keep others informed

Strategic Planning

Setting the direction for your section

Helps you to align the goals of your section with those of the ACS Board of Directors

Engaging Colleagues in Dialog

Deliver a clear message

Understanding the messages’ of others


Running Productive Meetings

Managing Projects Effectively

Understanding Members’ Interests

Scholarships are available. 50% off the 4-hour courses and more than 50% off the Extraordinary Leader course. Contact [email protected] to get your local section’s scholarships for 2010 courses. LSAC has scholarships for you to take the Extraordinary Leader course—talk to Lee Latimer if interested.

American Chemical Society


For more information
For more information

Carol Libby: [email protected]

Wayne Jones: [email protected]

ACS Staff: [email protected]

American Chemical Society