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Chapter 1 Changes Ahead:. Your Life Takes New Directions. Concept A: New Horizons. Senior year in high school marks the beginning of the transition from adolescence to young adulthood. Transition: This transition presents both dangers and opportunities. DANGERS. OPPORTUNITIES.

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chapter 1 changes ahead

Chapter 1 Changes Ahead:

Your Life Takes New


concept a new horizons
Concept A: New Horizons
  • Senior year in high school marks the beginning of the transition from adolescence to young adulthood.
  • By focusing on the opportunities, we can see that through growth we become fully alive
jesus desire for us
Jesus’ Desire For Us
  • He shows us the way through his life’s example of LOVING GOD and
  • Growth toward fullness of life does not happen overnight.
  • Is a life long process that occurs in stages:
  • Infancy
  • Early childhood
  • Play age
  • School age
  • Adolescence
  • Young adulthood
  • Adulthood
  • Mature adulthood
the passage to young adulthood
The Passage to Young Adulthood
  • During the present transition in your life, you will be challenged to take on developmental tasks in about eleven areas.
  • Developing a sense of identity
  • Growing in autonomy
  • Renewing oneself by learning and creating
  • Gaining competencies
  • Selecting a career and taking on an adult job
  • Constructing and living out a value system
  • Integrating sexuality into one’s life
  • Making friends and living with intimacy
  • Making loving commitments
  • Reflecting on religion
  • Taking part in the larger community
concept b identity
Concept B: Identity
  • Answering the Christian call to fullness of life means gaining a strong sense of identity
  • Our understanding of who we are
  • Is based on experience and grows through knowledge of ourselves
identity grows based on
Identity grows based on…
  • Our feelings and wants
  • What people tell us
  • Our talents
  • Aspects of ourselves that we can and cannot control
self esteem
Self - esteem
  • An accurate sense of identity forms the basis of our self - esteem
self esteem is
Self – esteem is
  • Our love and appreciation for our unique work
concept c autonomy
Concept C: Autonomy
  • Autonomy – with a strong sense of identity, we can become autonomous – able to direct our own life and actions
  • Autonomous persons recognize their need for others and others’ need for them
autonomous persons
Autonomous Persons
  • Are interdependent rather than independent
false autonomy
False Autonomy
  • Behaviors that offer the illusion of independence
false autonomy1
False Autonomy
  • “Groupthink” – gangs or cults / taking on the practices and views of a different group of people
false autonomy2
False Autonomy
  • “Jailbreak” – pregnancy or marriage. Young people may see this as a means of escape but in reality they are assuming more responsibility.
  • People that think of themselves as totally independent do not see themselves as connected to others at all
autonomy interdependence
Autonomy & Interdependence
  • Gives us the ability to consider the consequences of our actions
autonomy interdependence1
Autonomy & Interdependence
  • Give us a sense of responsibility to ourselves and others (Christian Freedom)
st paul
St. Paul
  • Jewish leader who became Christianity’s apostle to the gentiles
  • His faith made him strong
  • His weaknesses made him sympathetic (p.23)