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Booth MS BYOT Initiative. 21 st Century Students. (click on the graphic to view a Youtube video). Booth MS BYOT Initiative. BMS is one of two schools piloting BYOT. School district initiated this. Will be in all secondary school next year. We are adopting a “go slow” approach.

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Booth ms byot initiative

Booth MS BYOT Initiative

21 st century students
21st Century Students

(click on the graphic to view a Youtube video)

Booth ms byot initiative1
Booth MS BYOT Initiative

  • BMS is one of two schools piloting BYOT. School district initiated this. Will be in all secondary school next year.

  • We are adopting a “go slow” approach.

  • We are not mandating the use of these devices by teachers for instruction.

  • We are not requiring any student to have a device.

  • A select number of volunteer teachers will start to experiment with developing classroom lessons that allow students to use these devices in a productive and interactive way.

  • During the semester, the teachers will share what they have learned with each other and other schools.

Why byot

  • Students can use what they know (own device).

  • Decreases cost of supplying technology.

  • Research shows improvements in:

    • Attention

    • Discipline

    • Graduation rates

    • Achievement on standardized tests

    • Engagement and motivation

    • Critical thinking & problem solving

Why byot1

  • Broadens learning beyond the classroom.

  • Takes advantage of teachable moments.

  • Increases interest.

  • Access information and tools.

  • Prepares students for higher education and tomorrow’s workplace.

How will the devices be used
How will the devices be used?

  • Access current references and information (Atlas, Almanac, Dictionary, Thesaurus, Weather, Current events, Translator, etc.)

  • Take and share notes; access notes from web pages.

  • Access teacher & content websites.

  • Organization – calendar/ files/ assignments, etc.

  • Tune instruments; preview music.

  • Student and teacher collaboration

  • Access textbooks online.

  • Document labs; take surveys.

  • Study aide: digital Stem, spelling & math flashcards.

  • Much more – we are researching creative ways of improving student engagement, motivation and learning.

Byot timeline
BYOT Timeline

  • Dec 9, 2011 - Parent Survey sent out to get feedback. ( website)

  • Dec 16, 2011 – Jan 1, 2012 – Wi-Fi infrastructure installed.

  • Jan 1, 2012 – PTO Constant Contact BYOT Principal’s letter sent to parents.

Byot timeline1
BYOT Timeline

  • Jan 2, 2012 - Meeting with the teachers and staff to address our expectations and procedures.

  • Jan 4, 2012 - BYOT Contracts reviewed in homeroom (PowerPoint provided).

  • Jan 4, 2012 - BYOT Student Committee meeting (Warrior Time).

  • Jan 4, 2012 - Parent meeting - 9am.

Byot timeline2
BYOT Timeline

  • Jan 5, 2012 -BYOT Contracts given to all students to take home for parent signatures with report cards.

  • Jan 5, 2012 - Grade level assemblies to address behavior expectations and the BYOT rules.

  • Jan 6 - 13, 2012 - Students return signed contracts. (Those who do not have a signed contract will not be allowed to bring to school or use a personal communications device in class nor may they use anyone else's.)

Byot timeline3
BYOT Timeline

  • Jan 17, 2012 - Students may bring to school their Wi-Fi capable devices for use in classrooms. Some teachers may start to use them for instruction.

  • Jan 18, 2012 - District BYOT Pilot Program meeting @ Whitewater HS - 2pm (monthly meetings)

  • Jan 23, 2012 - School Council meeting - 4pm (Dr. Bearden in attendance)

  • TBD: Evening Parent Meeting

Parent survey response what are your major concerns
Parent Survey ResponseWhat are your major concerns?

Device safety security issues
Device Safety/Security Issues

  • Students are responsible to safeguard, supervise and secure their devices.

  • Students are expected to RESPECT the property of others.

  • On-line registration of devices for parents.

  • Adhesive I.D. labels provided.

  • Secure classrooms.

  • Individual student lockers.

  • Restrict use in unsupervised areas.

  • Handle theft or damage as a discipline matter.

  • Will not be required to have other students use their device.

Restrict inappropriate use
Restrict Inappropriate Use

  • Students must be RESPONSIBLE – same expectation for computer use. High Expectations.

  • Only BYOT Wi-Fi can be used to access internet (NO cell phone – 3G/4G access allowed). Turn it off!

  • Wi-Fi has district filter.

  • Teacher may confiscate any device being used inappropriately.

  • School discipline procedures will be enforced.

  • Teachers will monitor use.

  • School-wide policies will be reviewed during the pilot.

Reduce distractions
Reduce Distractions

  • Teachers have complete control over the use of devices in their classroom.

  • “DEVICES UP” & “DEVICES DOWN” signs will be provided for display in each classroom.

  • Teachers should let students know in advance when devices can be used in a lesson.

  • Students NOT allowed to use their devices in common areas: before school – gym/cafeteria; at recess, in media center. (This policy will be reviewed based on how well the pilot program goes.)

Equity issue
Equity Issue

  • Concerned about some students being left out.

  • If a child cannot provide a device that they will not be left out.

  • As part of our Pilot Program, we will be working with our school's stakeholders and other community resources to try to address this, but it hasn't been resolved.

  • Provisional Plan: If a student doesn't have their own technology in a class where the teacher plans on using it, students will be able to work in groups with one device or they can use the student computers already in many classrooms.

What are the rules
What Are The Rules?

  • Students may bring their devices to any class after Jan 17th.

  • Students can continue to bring in e-readers and use them with teacher permission prior to Jan 17th.

  • Students who don’t return a signed contract will be “flagged” in Infinite campus. These students can use school computers, but not personal devices.

  • No use of 3G/4G/non-Wi-Fi internet access.

  • See the Appropriate Use “contract.”

  • School-based rules/policies will be periodically reviewed by the faculty.

Booth ms byot initiative
Q & A

  • What questions or concerns do you have?