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Trump Taj Mahal PowerPoint Presentation
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Trump Taj Mahal

Trump Taj Mahal

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Trump Taj Mahal

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  1. Trump Taj Mahal

  2. Introduction:- • Hotel Taj Mahal is the biggest hotel in world. • Its name based on a love story that is in India one king whose name Shah Jahan made a mahal on his wife name Mumtaj –’TAJ MAHAL’ in her memory.

  3. History:- • It was built on my first birthday like my father made this hotel on my birth. It made by a special architecture of our city .He had good relations with many international architecture so ho took advice from them to make it or give it unique look.

  4. Features:- • It provide so many services to costumer like first of all warmly welcome all customers by Indian tradition .there is bell boy to bring luggage inside the hotel .so many amenities are available in our hotel such as it has 2000 rooms, casinos , golf court, health club, on the top floor there is a tennis ground, swimming pool, massage center and many more facilities. • Large and fully furnished rooms with all facilities such as refrigerator, coffee machine ,dinning table, sofa, two big beds.

  5. Location:- • It is located on bank of a river because if we go to Indian history we can see that in India ‘TAJ MAHAL’ is located on the bank of a Yamuna river and it is said that in complete moon night you can see shadow of Taj Mahal in water so my father also thought to make this hotel on the bank of river .Moreover it is near very calm place .

  6. Conclusion:- • Well last but not least our hotel have so many more things to explain like that things we cannot explain in words .So you have to come in our hotel take experience or enjoy all these facilities .So please come with your family or friends to give us a chance to make you happy with our service. • Thanks by:- • Sukhchain Singh Dhaliwal • Milkha Singh Grewal