michigan merit curriculum
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Michigan Merit Curriculum

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Michigan Merit Curriculum. Standard 3: Health Behaviors 4.12 Assess one’s personal behavior and how one demonstrates character traits. 5.6 Describe health practices that can prevent the spread of illness.

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michigan merit curriculum
Michigan Merit Curriculum
  • Standard 3: Health Behaviors
    • 4.12 Assess one’s personal behavior and how one demonstrates character traits.
    • 5.6 Describe health practices that can prevent the spread of illness.
    • 5.7 Apply knowledge about symptoms of illness to determine whether medical care is required.
    • 4.1 Identify the characteristics of positive relationships, and analyze their impact on personal, family and community health.
    • 3.10 Assess characteristics of hypothetical relationships for warning signs of harm or abuse.
self esteem notes in the workbook

Self Esteem Notes in the workbook.


*One’s belief about one’s self worth *Pride in & acceptance of yourself

two types of self esteem
Two Types of Self-esteem:
  • Positive Self-esteem: belief one is worthy & deserves respect.
  • Negative Self-esteem: belief one is not worthy & does not deserve respect.
how self esteem develops
How self-esteem develops
  • Develops early in life.
  • Parental attitudes.
  • A decision we make about our own worth.
  • Based on how we think others see us.
  • Decision can change later in life.
characteristics of high self esteem
Characteristics of high self-esteem
  • More likely to practice life skills.
  • Take responsibility for health by keeping body, mind, and relationshipsin top condition.
  • More likely to be proactive when making decisions.
  • Do not go along with the crowd rely on own judgment.
  • Do not worry about failure.
characteristics continued
Characteristics continued:
  • More willing to take calculated risks.
  • Know the difficult times will pass.
  • Expect others to treat them with respectbecausetheir actions are worthy & they have respect.
the factors that influence self esteem
The Factors that influence self-esteem
  • Yourself
  • Your peers/friends
  • Your family
  • School
  • Media
take out paper and 1 6
Take out paper and # 1-6
  • Directions:
    • If the statement makes you feel good/happy, put a + sign
    • If the statement makes you feel sad/unhappy, put a – sign
    • If the statement makes you feel indifferent, put an = sign
statements this is the only information i have
Statements: This is the only information I have!
  • You are talking to your friends & they start talking to each other more than you.
  • It’s your birthday and nobody remembers.
  • You are at a party and you notice someone of the opposite sex staring at you.
  • You apply for a job and after a long interview process, you are turned down.
5. You hear some friends got together without inviting you.
  • 6. You date someone for the first time and they barely talk to you all night.
more definitions
More definitions
  • Self-respect: is a high regard for oneself because one behaves in responsible ways.
  • Conceit: is NOTself-respect but an excessive appreciation for oneself.
  • To improve self-esteem: one should have a set of belief statements that motivate him/her to behave in positive and responsible ways.
body image
Body Image
  • The view a person has of his/her body image
    • Teen years are difficult due to common changes in the body.
    • Magazine and Ads show “perfect” image, when in reality there is no perfect image.
self esteem video
Self Esteem video
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lTTZQwQgAE