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introducing. Do you know that…. 95% of advertising is considered as an interruption. Introducing CABRAND advertising which is a valuable interaction and not an interruption. Board Room – Marketing Dept. CABrand is branding on a CAB.

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Do you know that…

95% of advertising is considered as an interruption

Introducing CABRAND advertising which is a valuable interaction and not an interruption

Ideazfirst Marketing Services (P) Ltd

board room marketing dept
Board Room – Marketing Dept

Ideazfirst Marketing Services (P) Ltd


CABrand is branding on a CAB

Branding on cab or popularly known as Taxi advertising is a burgeoning global business, and experiencing remarkable traction locally. The 3 reasons why brands are grooming to advertise in taxi.

It attracts focused bunch of people.

It is an affordable advertising option.

It creates a ‘customer interactive in an outdoor scenario where a customer can “sit back and watch”.

Ideazfirst Marketing Services (P) Ltd


Areas where you can promote your

Brand on Taxi – approx 50 sq ft

Ideazfirst Marketing Services (P) Ltd


Areas for exterior advertisements on taxi

Ideazfirst Marketing Services (P) Ltd


Interactive advertising – for the passengers travelling in taxi.

Ideazfirst Marketing Services (P) Ltd

cabrand is effective and cheaper
CABrand is Effective and Cheaper

No Direct Competition in the

City of Kolkata – due to Uniqueness of Service

  • It reaches at all parts of the city unlike hoardings which are static and is a one way communication. Even advertising on buses, mini-buses, autos, trams, can reach specific routes only.
  • There are more than 30,000 taxis plying in Kolkata, and we have a database of 10,000 yellow taxis in Kolkata. Taxi advertising has been successful all over the world, and is more effective and comparatively cheaper than other advertising modes.

Ideazfirst Marketing Services (P) Ltd


Taxi Road Show

Three branded taxis moving in the city behind one another at prominent locations

Ideazfirst Marketing Services (P) Ltd

unique selling proposition
Unique Selling Proposition
  • Taxi Branding is the most effective way for advertising than any other way
  • because it involves the customers at his highest attention paying time
  • Taxis do not follow fixed route to travel; ensuring mobility throughout the
  • length and breadth of the city. It gives a greater reach to a variety of
  • audience because of its flexibility.
  • Advertisement through taxis ensures a diversified range of audience
  • because it offers service to every section of the society. Taxis are the most
  • frequent choice from the middle class to the low income group , be it for
  • emergency or time saving.

Ideazfirst Marketing Services (P) Ltd

the service offerings
The Service Offerings

Out of Home (OOH)Taxi Branding will give the advertisers a space on the Side doors, back & bonnet of the taxi and also in inside of it. Printed vinyl will be pasted on these areas, brochures and leaflets will be kept on a box bag fixed on the back side of the front seat.

Offering product brochures and leaflets to bring the brand conscious among the customers.

By placing ‘Contact Us’ pages to follow up the customers or passengers. These filled forms will be collected and hand over to the advertisers.

Advertisers can go further by placing free samples of products or gift vouchers.

Ideazfirst Marketing Services (P) Ltd


Unlike hoardings which are static, an taxi travels to every nook & corner of the city.

Hoardings at prime locations are expensive whereas taxi’s carry your brand even there!

Taxi Advertising is a very simple yet effective means for reaching and interacting with targeted & profiled audience – both for passengers sitting inside the cab and outside the cab.

Ideazfirst Marketing Services (P) Ltd

cabrand reach
CABrand Reach

We have around 1,800 unique passengers travelling in a taxi every month. There are around 30,000 taxis in Kolkata. Hence, the total reaching is 630 lacs passengers every month.

The calculation is as:

  • On an average a taxi makes around 25-30 trips with different customers every day.
  • With an average of 2 passengers per trip, we are contacting around 60 passengers every day.

Ideazfirst Marketing Services (P) Ltd

the technical details
The Technical Details
  • Outside display : 30 - 60 sq ft
  • Inside Branding: In form of leaflets and brochures
  • Brand messenger: Optional
  • Free lead generation using short code of 56767
  • Location : All Kolkata
  • Media / Material: Removable Self adhesive vinyl with lamination..
  • Minimum duration: One month
  • Quantity:
    • Minimum = 20 cabs
    • Recommended = 100 cabs

Ideazfirst Marketing Services (P) Ltd


About Ideazfirst Marketing Services (P) Ltd:

  • Founded in 2004, Ideazfirst has become one of the trusted name in the marketing services industry in Eastern part of India.
  • We have worked with more than 150 clients, many of which are the biggest names in the respective verticals.
  • We at Ideazfirst, understand the needs of the client and come up with solutions based on research, study and hint of intuition and creativity, and through our distinctive and unique marketing solutions have been able to impact productivity and sales positively
  • This has been one of the biggest reasons we have retained most of our clients.

Ideazfirst Marketing Services (P) Ltd


Ideazfirst Brands

Ideazfirst Marketing Services (P) Ltd

case study star jalsa
Case Study – Star Jalsa

Client Objectives

  • Star Jalsa wanted to increase the awareness and viewership of its popular TV bengali soap – ISTI KUTUM.
  • We executed 100 taxis with the floral decoration, to convey the wedding feeling of the lead character “BAHA” across Kolkata.
  • The channel’s tag line “Chalo Paltai” was fulfilled by the innovative Road Show was also organized to create the curiosity and be the talk of the town among the Kolkatans.

Ideazfirst Marketing Services (P) Ltd

the results
The Results
  • This outdoor campaign was extremely successful, with almost every individual seeing at least one branded & decorated taxi during their travel, as the taxis could take passengers as usual and reach out to every nook and corner of the city.
  • TRP ratings of the soap increased with an excellent PR mileage.
  • Star Jalsa Facebook page had huge number of likes and comments on the decorated taxi photos uploaded.

Ideazfirst Marketing Services (P) Ltd

contact us
Contact Us




Please call us at 98362-90990 / 98301-16571

Office : 033-23649005

Fax: 033-23649601

Ideazfirst Marketing Services (P) Ltd