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MENTORING Park Rangers

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MENTORING Park Rangers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MENTORING Park Rangers . Why mentoring?. Who will replace you? Today’s accepted good business practice – plan for the future Share expertise across borders . Build capacity for protected areas. PROPOSAL

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MENTORING Park Rangers

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    1. MENTORING Park Rangers

    2. Why mentoring?

    3. Who will replace you? Today’s accepted good business practice – plan for the future • Share expertise across borders Build capacity for protected areas

    4. PROPOSAL DEVELOP standard mentoring program for use in any country – with built-in options for flexible application INVOLVE rangers from diverse cultures and countries in development DOCUMENT and distribute to protected area agencies and ranger associations

    5. IRF has 60 member associations in 46 countries Representing diversity of cultures and nationalities Use IRF networks

    6. Ranger associations in Iceland and Scotland share training • Ranger association in Australia supports indigenous rangers in Amazon • Rocky Mountain NP (USA) and Tatra National Park in Poland exchange staff for short term assignments Use parks and ranger associations with “twinning” or “sister” relationships

    7. IRF has ranger competencies in 8 key areas Poster on ranger training at WCC (689, 3rd floor) Use IRF competencies

    8. The mentor must demonstrate their ‘capabilities’ (job/role based) and have the ability to convey those to others.  Need for good ‘emotional intelligence’ by the mentor Develop expectations of mentor

    9. Example: US National Park Service • In park and online coaching and mentoring of interpreters • Formal training for coaches/mentors Formal Mentoring

    10. Example: Association of National Park Rangers • Two pages of guidance • No training • Networking • Phone and email contacts Informal Mentoring

    11. Launch proposal at World Ranger Congress, Tanzania, November 2012

    12. Lead: Andy Nixon Victorian Rangers Association, Australia and Operational Training Manager for Parks Victoria Building a team

    13. Provide recommendations of additional team members Provide written examples of successful mentoring from organizations such as: • Ranger Associations • Protected Area agencies • NGOs with park rangers What can you do?

    14. Help identify needs and resources • Protected Areas desiring mentor relationship for rangers in their area • Protected Areas with experienced park rangers willing to be part of a mentoring program • Potential sponsors What can you do?

    15. Well trained rangers are critical to healthy ecosystems and healthy communities

    16. International Ranger Federation Uniting rangers to protect the planet’s treasures