boiler green initiative bgi design review
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Boiler Green Initiative (BGI) Design Review

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Boiler Green Initiative (BGI) Design Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Boiler Green Initiative (BGI) Design Review. December 11, 2009 Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering. Boiler Green Initiative. Agenda. Hillel House. Overview of team Hillel House Wind Turbine Bio Energy Questions. Boiler Green Initiative. Rachel Machbitz , Team Leader. Bio Energy.

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boiler green initiative bgi design review

Boiler Green Initiative (BGI)Design Review

December 11, 2009

Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering

Boiler Green Initiative


Hillel House

  • Overview of team
  • Hillel House
  • Wind Turbine
  • Bio Energy
  • Questions

Boiler Green Initiative

team overview organization
Rachel Machbitz, Team Leader

Bio Energy

Hillel House

Wind Turbine

Sean Zimmerman, Project Leader

Beth Doering, Project Leader

Jared Freyer,

Project Leader and Webmaster

Scott Sylvester

Isaac Payne

Fahad Ahmad

Yuanhua Cheng

Bryson Maikranz

Hannah Keller

Anthony Christie

Team Overview: Organization

Hillel House

Joseph Cox


Amber Ramsey

Liz Hoffa

Katie Jones

Boiler Green Initiative

goals of the project
Goals of the Project

Hillel House

  • Focuses this semester:
    • To prevent soil erosion
    • Make the property more aesthetically pleasing
    • Complete rain garden design
  • Secondary goals
    • Make the Hillel House more energy efficient
    • Determine alternative energy sources
    • Community education
feasibility chart for alternative energy
Feasibility Chart for Alternative Energy


Not Practical


Boiler Green Initiative

design criteria
Design Criteria

Hillel House

  • Criteria
    • Must be at least 10 feet from building
    • Size should be 20-30% of roof drainage area (for sandy loam soil)
    • Garden should optimize backyard drainage
    • Must have outlet for overflow

Boiler Green Initiative

Water Balance Calculations
  • Basic mass balance calculation
    • Retained water = Inputs – Outputs



garden charging rate

Top view, rain garden catchment

Boiler Green Initiative

Input: Rain Intensity

Using this intensity, input ≈ ft3/hr

Figure : Rain Intensity for Lafayette, IN for T-Year Events – The longer the storm the greater rainfall depth for T-Year events.

Boiler Green Initiative

Output: Infiltration Rate
  • Soil Type: Carmi
    • Well drained, deep sand/gravel
    • Sandy loam surface texture
  • Infiltration test
    • Surface: 3.17 in/hr
    • Subsurface (9 in): 3.75 in/hr
    • Error
      • 3D movement
      • Time constraints

Boiler Green Initiative

water calculation results
Water Calculation Results

Team Name

For a 2 year rain event, runoff is capture d for the following storm duration:

Boiler Green Initiative

discharge calculations
Discharge Calculations

Team Name

  • Assumed laminar, incompressible fluid
  • Bernoulli’s Eqn. – used to calculate velocity in pipe
  • Manning’s Eqn.– used to calculate fluid velocity in open channel
  • Discharge Eqn. – used velocity to find discharge

V = velocity in ft/s

p = pressure (psf)

g = force of gravity (ft/s^2)

ρ = specific gravity

z = elevation (ft)

n = surface roughness coefficient

R = hydraulic radius (ft)

S = slope of energy line º slope of bed

V = velocity (ft/sec)

V = velocity (ft/s)

A = area (ft^2)

Q = VA

Boiler Green Initiative

flow diagram
Flow Diagram

Hillel House


Boiler Green Initiative

rain barrel
Rain Barrel

Hillel House

  • Why use a rain barrel?
    • Increase water holding capacity
    • Environmentally friendly way to use water – don’t need as much from tap
    • Water storage for use during dry periods during summer
      • 50 gal would provide .85 in, or 53.3% of available water to plants
      • 50 gal costs $0.15, however customer would like the barrel

Boiler Green Initiative

rain barrel design
Rain Barrel Design

Hillel House

Drain pipe

4 in

Slip cap Valve

50 Gal. Rain Barrel

4 in


2 in

Boiler Green Initiative

rain barrel decision
Rain Barrel Decision

Hillel House


60 Gal. Deluxe Rain Barrel with Downspout Diverter, Hunter Green


  • Durable, UV-stable 25% recycled resin
  • Lid can be removed for dipping large watering can
  • Plastic, can drill holes into it

Digital image. Home Depot. Web. 3 Dec. 2009. .

Boiler Green Initiative

flowers for rain garden
Flowers for Rain Garden

Hillel House

  • Constraints:
  • Tolerant of partial shade
  • Moisture conditions
  • Not invasive
  • Non spreading

Beatles spring or vernal sedge

Marsh Blazing star


Yellow Columbine, Golden Columbine

Celandine Poppy, Wood Poppy

White water lily

Day Lily


Boiler Green Initiative

timeline and accomplishments
Timeline and Accomplishments

Hillel House


Boiler Green Initiative

bill of materials fall 2009
Bill of Materials: Fall 2009

Hillel House

Received $4,000 grant from Tipmont REMC


Boiler Green Initiative

discussion of future plans
Discussion of future plans

To be done this semester:

Finalize Our Design

Next semester:

Buy Materials

Oversee Construction

Plant flowers

Delivery Date: Spring 2010

Hillel House


Boiler Green Initiative


Hillel House


Boiler Green Initiative