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SPIDERS OF INDIANA. NAME: Celia Bandelier CLASS: High Tech Learning TEACHER: Professor Lamb DATE: November 8, 2008. Spiders of Indiana. Links: Type 1 Wolf Spiders 1) http://entoplp.okstate.edu/ddd/insects/wolfspider.htm

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spiders of indiana

NAME: Celia Bandelier

CLASS: High Tech Learning

TEACHER: Professor Lamb

DATE: November 8, 2008

spiders of indiana2
Spiders of Indiana


Type 1 Wolf Spiders



Type 2 Name

  • http://www.desertusa.com/july97/du_bwindow.html
  • http://www.ext.vt.edu/departments/entomology/factsheets/blackwid.html
wolf spider
Wolf Spider

Size: about @ 2 inches

Description: brown with a dark gray/black Union Jack or cross pattern on its back, and it is very furry and bulky looking

Habitat: Common household pest in the fall when they are looking for a warm place for winter; found around doors, windows, house plants, basements and garages.

Interesting fact: These are rarely found indoors, only mildly venomous, and their bites will usually only cause itching.


Black Widow

Size: ½ inch or 1 ½ with leg spread

Description: The spider is black with a red hourglass-shaped pattern on its underbelly

Habitat: Black widow spiders are common around wood piles, and are frequently encountered when homeowners carry firewood into the house. Also found under eaves, in boxes, outdoor toilets, meter boxes, and other unbothered places

Picture of Spider

Interesting fact: These spiders have extremely poisonous venom, and commonly hang upside down from their rough, messy webs.