The Boy and the Thug
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The Boy and the Thug. Chase V 12/13/2010. Necessity is our strongest weapon. Moral. Character's. Thug Boy Boy Old Man.

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The Boy and the Thug

Chase V


Character s

  • Thug Boy

  • Boy

  • Old Man

A boy was walking happily down the street’s of Chicago to his house while a thug was following him to mug him and take his money. The boy noticed the thug following him for past few block’s so he decided to run as fast as he possible could as the thug noticed his increase in speed he ran after the boy.

Soon the thug ran out of breath and slowly slowed down till he could run no more. Then old man saw the thug and said mockingly “The smallest person always run’s faster than the bigger person”. The thug responded with a calm voice “You do not see the difference between us I was running for his money and he was running for his life”




You There!

Then the old man pulled out a twenty dollar bill and gave it to the thug and said sarcastically “ Go buy something nice”. So thug changed his ways to become better person. And the boy had steak for dinner.

Have Fun!

Yeah Money!