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The Janitors Boy

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The Janitors Boy. By : Caroline , Elise , Josie , Avery , And Ally   . Plot.

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the janitors boy

The Janitors Boy

By : Caroline , Elise , Josie , Avery , And Ally

  

  • Jack put gum on the desks and he had to scrape them off for his punishment. Everybody calls Kirk a fashion bill board because he likes fashion. Jack always daydreams in class so he did not no the question his teacher asked him. And guest what Jack calls the janitor dad!
  • The genre is fiction, because this could happen in real life. You can be made fun of, because you wanted to be a janitor. Or you can have a interview with a friend or your principle. Also the front of the book says fiction. We also said its fiction because, there is such thing as a janitor and there is such thing as a boy named jack.

*The setting was in the classroom. Every chapter is in the classroom. Chapter 1 was in the class room. Chapter 2 was about it and so on. Also it can be in the school not just in the classroom. Like the hallways, lunchroom, bathroom, and so on.

  • Name Vandalize page 7 reason it looked big meaning messing up something
  • name hesitation page 11 reason looks weird meaning pausing
  • Name approached page 12 reason big meaning coming forward something.
  • Name superintendent page 9 reason- hard to say meaning- back up to someone
  • His dad and him don’t have a good relationship, because him and his dad never really talk or wave at each other.
  • His dad is actually trying to be nice, by waving at him.
math connection
Math connection
  • *On chapter 4 he's in the classroom. Reviewing his mission. Why his teacher was reviewing division.
community connection
Community Connection
  • This could happen in the community, because we could be in school scraping gum off the desk like he did on chapter 1.
  • Also on chapter 1 you could have had a dad who's a janitor.