september 2014 global national conference call theme h ow to generate a 1 billion commitment n.
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September 2014 Global National Conference Call Theme: H ow to generate a $1 billion commitment PowerPoint Presentation
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September 2014 Global National Conference Call Theme: H ow to generate a $1 billion commitment

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September 2014 Global National Conference Call Theme: H ow to generate a $1 billion commitment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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September 2014 Global National Conference Call Theme: H ow to generate a $1 billion commitment
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  1. RESULTS the power to end poverty Guest Speaker: Orin Levine, Gates Foundation Director of Vaccines Efforts September 2014 Global National Conference CallTheme: How to generate a $1 billion commitment September 13, 2014 2:00 pm ET Dial 888 409-6709

  2. September 13: Sample agenda for group meetings after the call Tweet the call: Hash tag #RESULTScall, include @RESULTS_tweets Agenda 1. Introduce new people, eat snacks, laugh. Brainstorm ideas for working with media, Congress, grasstops to generate a $1 billion Gavi pledge 2. Listen to the call—no, really listen to the call. Share your ideas for generating a $1 billion pledge. 3. Practice laser talk: Pitching the Gavi editorial packet 4. Make decisions on:1) Who will pitch the editor(s); 2) Who will reach out to which Senator and remaining Reps. on the Gavi Resolutions? 3) Who will reach out to which Rep. on Gavi letter to the President. 5. Who is our media point person? Grasstops point person? Action Network Manager? Who do you need to recruit yet for these positions? Inform your RC. 6. What will your group plan for an outreach event for the October 11 International Webinar in Gavi? 7. Next meeting date and location.

  3. Opening the Call:RESULTS Executive Director Dr. Joanne Carter-Recess meetings: Don’t forget to report your meetings: healthy groups

  4. Guest Speaker: Orin Levine, PhD: Gates Foundation Stories on the power of vaccinations. What is at stake in the world? Short Q & A See Orin’s bio here

  5. Legislative Update:Legislative DirectorJohn Fawcett • Gavi resolutions update • Gavi sign on letters • Discussion: How do we work with Congress, the media and grasstops to secure a pledge of $1 billion

  6. Grassroots Café:Director of Global Grassroots AdvocacyKen Patterson • How we are supporting you to grow your group • Grassroots Shares: Birddogging • Minh Nguyen, Houston, TX • Shirley Hobbs, Rapid City, SD • Colin Smith: Live share from Seattle media training • Need your reporting—without it people will never know how awesome you are: • Development Update

  7. September Resources September Action Sheet: Write a letter to the editor or oped on Gavi Gavi Resources: Actions, webinar recordings, editorial packet & messaging, outreach guide

  8. Polling Questions for September How many editors will you be reaching out to using our Gavi editorial packet in the next two weeks?

  9. Fundraising Thanksgiving is Only 11 Weeks Away?! Did you know that the development team has a fundraising goal of $25,000 for our Friends and Family Campaign in 2014? Currently we have only raised $8,823.00 toward that goal. With that being said, we need YOUR help. We have a number of great FFC options already set up online to fit all sorts of special occasions: birthdays, physical challenges (runs/walks), but one of our most popular campaigns from 2013 has returned, our Virtual Thanksgiving Feast. To sign up to participate in the Virtual Thanksgiving Feast, simply click to access the page and get yours set up today! It's simple, and all online! Our new online fundraising platform makes it easier than ever to raise funds from home, when it's convenient for you to log on and manage your contacts and messages that go out. No paper, no stamps, just personalized email messages directly from YOU! Once you sign up to participate in our Virtual Thanksgiving Feast you will receive an online toolkit via email to help you manage your campaign effectively. It will include tips on how to manage your social media platforms and email messaging for the Virtual Feast which will guide you to a successful result that will help the development team reach their goal of $25,000 for 2014!

  10. Laser Talk: Call your editor on Gavi • Hello! I’m calling to follow up on the vaccines editorial idea I sent to you on ______________. Might you have two minutes to chat?
[Why, yes I do!]
As I mentioned in my email, the U.S. has a chance to be part of vaccinating 300 more children over the next 5 years and, consequently, keeping millions of children from dying needlessly. Have you given any more thought to the idea of writing about Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance, or do you have any questions about the materials I sent? • Possible Hooks: • I have appreciated your continuing coverage of the Ebola outbreak, which is continuing to concern the global health community, and I believe that discussion of common communicable diseases we can prevent would be of relevant interest to readers . . . • I have noticed that local pharmacies are ramping up promotion of fall vaccination season, and so . . . • The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge got a lot of air time this fall, and as people are still reflecting on the amazing outpouring of support the challenge received, I thought it might be relevant to talk about another chance that the U.S. has to save lives, this time through vaccines we already have. • In our state, our economy is helped immeasurably by Eli Lilly & Co. and Roche, both leaders in the health and vaccination fields – so we understand the value of this preventive measure . . . • All parents and guardians want their children to have a healthy start in life, and so there’s a natural understanding of the child vaccine issue between families here and families abroad . . .

  11. Dates September 15, 8 pm ET. RESULTS Free Agents Call for Global Poverty Advocates. Dial (267) 507-0370, passcode 7378587. Are you a RESULTS activist with our global poverty campaigns, living in a town with no RESULTS group? You are alone no more! Contact Lisa Marchal, Senior Global Grassroots Associate, for more information on this monthly group call. September 16, 9 pm ET. Finding and Connecting with Grasstops Champions in your Community. Dial into (712) 432-3100, passcode 761262 for a great half hour of learning how to build relationships with community influencers. September 19, 1 pm ET (corrected time). Building and Maintaining Your Action Network. Dial in to (712) 432-3100, passcode 761262. Time spent cultivating folks who have shown interest in RESULTS and your group is time invested well. On this 30-minute call, get some quick tips on how to engage these visitors to become more deeply enrolled in the work of RESULTS! September 24, 9 pm ET (new date). Growing Your RESULTS Group Support Call. Dial in to (712) 432 3100, passcode 761262. RESULTS has a goal of expanding into new Congressional districts, and in 2014 a team of RESULTS volunteer Regional Coordinators have a goal of starting 20 new global groups and 10 new U.S. poverty groups from our existing network. Learn how you can help us reach these goals.