Saving time to get more things done
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Saving Time to Get More Things Done!. Benefits of Imaging. Time saved for your office and the student Space saved from filing cabinets Accessibility for auditing purposes More than one person can view at a time Notes can be made on the imaged documents

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Benefits of imaging
Benefits of Imaging

  • Time saved for your office and the student

  • Space saved from filing cabinets

  • Accessibility for auditing purposes

  • More than one person can view at a time

  • Notes can be made on the imaged documents

  • Can be routed to specific people for processing

  • Can track who viewed or processed the documents

  • Letters sent out to students can be printed to imaging

  • Money saved from the departments budget

Time lost searching for paper files
Time Lost Searching for Paper Files

10 minutes per student

x 12 student files searched in a day

= 120 minutes lost in a day

2 hours per day X 5 days = 10 wasted hours/week

This includes the time spent going to the filing cabinet, retrieving the file and going back to the student. All with hopes that the file was where it belonged and in alphabetical order.

Space saved from filing cabinets
Space saved from filing cabinets

  • No more purging of paper to make room for the new year files.

  • No more replacing expensive filing cabinets

  • More space for workstations

  • Reducing fire hazards

Accessibility for auditing purposes
Accessibility for auditing purposes

  • No time spent digging up files requested by auditor’s.

  • No time spent putting those files back into alphabetical order in the drawers

  • Organization can also speed up the auditors time spent going through files.

Multiple viewing
Multiple Viewing

  • While in a queue to be processed or while being processed another officer or multiple officers can view the information at the same time without leaving their seat.

  • If a student faxes in or stops by the office to drop off additional documentation it can be added to the existing file where it exists.

Document notation
Document Notation

  • Sticky Notes can be electronically placed onto document for others to view

  • You can highlight key points on the documents

  • Arrows and Check marks can be placed on the document

  • Actions taken on the document can be stamped with dates and the user’s name

  • Text can also be randomly placed on the documents

Routing of documents
Routing of Documents

  • All documents to be processed can be placed into a manager’s queue for distribution

  • Queues that can be created for Workflow

    • Officer to process

    • Additional information required

    • Revised award notices

    • Estimated award notices

    • Workflow complete

Tracking purposes
Tracking Purposes

  • Once document is moved into the workflow it can be tracked

    • Who scanned it

    • Who linked it

    • Who opened it

    • Who routed it

    • Where it was routed

    • Date and Time all actions were taken

Print to imaging
Print to Imaging

  • Anything that can be printed on paper can be printed internally and linked immediately to the student record.

    • SAP Letters

    • R2T4 Letters

    • Additional Information Requested

    • Loan Letters

    • Scholarship Letters

    • Award Notices

    • Emails received from the student as well!

Departmental aving
Departmental $AVING$

  • Preventing waste and saving the planet one document at a time!

    • Less toner or printer ink used

    • Less paper used

    • Less maintenance required on the equipment

    • Less power used to run a major or minor print job

    • Less printers required in the office

    • Less paper jams to deal with

    • Less trips to the printer (if sharing a network printer)

Imagenow agents functions
ImageNow Agents & Functions

  • Print to ImageNow paperless

  • Fax to ImageNow paperless

  • E-Forms for paperless electronic completion

  • Import from other formats

  • Export (to PDF Format)

  • Records Management for purging purposes

  • iScripts (written to automatically route documents)