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Prof. Malik Ranasinghe Vice-Chancellor University of Moratuwa , Sri Lanka. PowerPoint Presentation
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Prof. Malik Ranasinghe Vice-Chancellor University of Moratuwa , Sri Lanka.

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Prof. Malik Ranasinghe Vice-Chancellor University of Moratuwa , Sri Lanka. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Prof. Malik Ranasinghe Vice-Chancellor University of Moratuwa , Sri Lanka.

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  1. University Research and Commercialization Prof. MalikRanasinghe Vice-Chancellor University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.

  2. Structure of the Presentation • Present situation - Industry and University Views • Research in Universities and Issues • Successes and Missed Opportunities at the UoM • Interventions & Way Forward

  3. Present Situation Focus of Higher Education and the Universities today is to produce quality Graduates who are employable productive leaders and good citizens. Mission of the UoM is to produce a “World Class” Graduate

  4. Industry’s View Universities do not understand the requirements of the Employers’ in terms of attitudes, skills and knowledge of the Graduates.

  5. Industry’s View Employer Requirements 1. Academically sound and technically competent graduate 2. Soft skills, English and ICT literate 3. Team player who is flexible 4. Confident with proper attitudes 5. Positive outlook / market friendly 6. Being able to perform from day one

  6. University’s Challenge Typical Student • Intelligent and eager to Learn • Competitive and Self-Centered • Diverse backgrounds/competencies • Insufficient knowledge in English and ICT, lacking social skills

  7. University’s View Industry does not understand the capabilitiesof graduates, and does not train or support them to become effective employees.

  8. Overcoming Challenge When the Industry and the University work together University Industry Interactions • Student Based Opportunities • Consultancy and Service Based Opportunities • R & D Based Opportunities

  9. University Industry Interactions Consultancy Based Opportunities 1. Individual / Team Consultancy 2. Contract Research 3. University Consultancy Company

  10. University Industry Interactions Research & Development 1. Staff / Student Research Projects 2. Innovations and Inventions – IP Policy 3. Industry Sponsored R&D Centers

  11. Research in Universities

  12. Research in PG Institutes

  13. Research in Universities Issues There is no dedicated funding for Research in Universities. • Priority of HE in Sri Lanka is to increase the number of graduates. • Good to have research in Universities but not essential – at UoM2% of the recurrent grant.

  14. Issues University Research is not ready for Commercialization. • Objective is to find something new that is publishable / obtain patent. • Commercialization requires: • Proof of Concept • University Research Incubator • Prototype • Business Plan • Venture Capital / Angel Fund

  15. Issues Universities lack Incubators. • Legally not permitted – Cannot take a loss. • Incubation requires: • Seed funds and support without a guarantee of success • Legal mechanism for Ownership Lack Venture Capital / Angel Funds.

  16. Success Stories Microwave active coloured EPDM extruded profile Bio diesel process and testing Polipto Pilot Plant Cost competitive Natural Rubber Flooring Before DSI High cost tile UoM Low cost tile After

  17. Success Stories M-Token Platform Reservation Web Application mToken Platform mToken DB User Web Brower Handset (with/without NFC) mToken Server Smart Poster with NFC Tag POS Terminal Movie Theater

  18. Lost Opportunities Universal Grain Moisture Meter Aqua Cube – Gold at Mondialogo Awards 2009 Sonar Navigation Aid for the Visually Impaired Kit to treat Elephantitis Patient Warmer

  19. Lost Opportunities Stand-alone ECG Abnormality Detector Wireless Intercom Universal Vehicle Diagnosis Analyzer KaluDodol Reactor Navigating robot for exploration and surveillance Traffic controller for Railways

  20. Lost Opportunities COCONUT DE-HUSKING MACHINE TEA PLUCKER IN OPERATION WEED REMOVER Remotely Controlled Ploughing Machine

  21. Interventions Short Term – next 2 to 5 years • Provide monetary incentives for University staff for Research. • Set up Research Incubators in every University using Inventors Commission and sustain them. • Set up Venture Capital / Angel Funds to help Commercialization

  22. Interventions Long Term – next 10 to 15 years • State to allocate funds for R&D with commercial potential. • Provide monetary incentives for researchers and reward those who commercialize research. • Provide incentives for private sector to fund and be involved in R&D and commercialization.

  23. Way Forward • University and Industry must work together to produce, an employable graduate & research that create useful knowledge. • University has the students for 04 years while Graduates are Industry’s main resource for the next 30 to 35 years.

  24. Way Forward • Set up Research Incubators in Universities which will provide the motivation and essential link to commercialize University research. • The vacuum that exist between University research and commercialization should be owned and filled by the MoTR.