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2014 WORK PLANS. Asia (South Asia and Southeast Asia). Aguajaring. Regional Network 4 TOTs Regional Dialogue of all Country Networks on the Needs Assessment Regional TOT for Effective Facilitation Skills in CB in the Water Sector Regional TOT/Seminar on Integrated Lake Management

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2014 work plans


Asia (South Asia and Southeast Asia)


  • Regional Network

    • 4 TOTs

      • Regional Dialogue of all Country Networks on the Needs Assessment

      • Regional TOT for Effective Facilitation Skills in CB in the Water Sector

      • Regional TOT/Seminar on Integrated Lake Management

      • Regional TOT on Water Footprint

      • Country Network

        • Capacity needs

        • Water integrity in Jakarta

        • Water Climatic Assessment Philippines

        • Water Safety Plans Philippines

        • TOT Integrity Flood Management – Malaysia

        • Workshop – Gender Mainstreaming – Indonesia

        • Integrated Flood Management – Vietnam

Cap net bangladesh
Cap-Net Bangladesh

  • 3 activities – grassroot, local level

    • Series of dialogues (4) on local level

    • Case Study on Water and Food security the Coastal Zone

    • Replicate the Drought Risk Management of the national level

  • 3 activities – national level

    • Ecosystem and Water

    • Water Supply and Sanitation Issues, will take it in the classroom and improve awareness

    • Water Footprint – in collaboration eith Malaysia

Aware net

  • Apart from Adminsitrative Plans

  • Contribution to the RICCAR

    • 2 Working Groups – organize

      Contrinbution to the CCA Project of the UN

      Main project of the host institution after the im[act assessment

      cntributino to the development of the 5 training modules, and TOTs

      training workshops

      wiEcosystme Managemtn with UNEP

      - planned for December 2013 but postponed to March 2014

      Partnership with GWF – submitted project proposal to SIDA regarding the Water Intergrity CD program in the Middle east (Egypt , Lebanon, Paleeinte and Iraq


  • TOTs

    • Effective Facilitation Skills, Communicatin Skills and Leadership Skills

    • Workshop on integrated Lake Management

    • Water Footprint

    • Ground Management

    • TOT on Water Quality and Sanitation

      National Community-Based Program on Flood

      Development of Training Modules on Environmental Flow

      Development on Training Public Outreach Program on River Pollution

      Training Needs Assessement

Cap net lanka
Cap-Net Lanka

Knowledge Management

  • National Strategy for capacity building in the water sector in Sri Lanka

  • Preparation of training manual for Low-Impact Development Design Strategies in Sinhala Language

  • Translation of book “Ma Jala Binduwaknam” into Tamil and English

  • Catchment conservation awareness program for school children

  • Water Professionals' Day-2014

  • Urban Water Environment: Monitoring and Management

Cap net lanka1
Cap-Net Lanka

Knowledge Delivery

  • Training Workshop on Impact of Climate Change on Water, Food and Environment

  • National TOT in IWRM

  • TOT in Integrated Urban Flood Management

  • Training program on integrated management of land and water resources in upcountry of Sri Lanka

  • TOT on preparation of Low Impact Development (LID) plans in relation to overland flow and urban storm water management

  • Gender and water dialogues in Northern and Eastern provinces

  • Training on Reduction of Non-revenue water (NRW) and water conservation


  • TOT on Climate Variability and its impact on Water, Energy and Food

  • Training on Climate Change and Water Resource Sustainability issues in Corporate Sector

  • Training on Sustainable GW Management in South Asia

  • Training on WRM and Leadership Skills for Young Water Professionals

  • With GWP trainings for the grassroot level

    • Transboundary Issues and Water Cooperation

    • Rapid Urbanization and Wastewater Management

    • Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Copig strategies

    • Water Rights , Gender and Equity Issues

    • Training in Policy and Institutional Foundation fo Water Resources

    • Training on Water Diplomacy on South Asia members

    • Carrying forward Climate Variability on Water and Security

  • Agriculture, Water Management: Issues and Experiences – Capnet Pakistan (10 topics)

  • Water Integrity Scoping Study


  • Strengthening Network Management – Reorganization, coming up with Operation Guidelines, Website Development

  • Water Safety Plan Followup Workshop

  • Capacity Building Needs Assessment

  • Climate Change Adaptation Training/Workshop

Cap net pakistan
Cap-Net Pakistan

  • Series of 4 Multistakeholders Dialogues

    • CB and SDGs

  • Disaster Management and CCA Training

  • Workshop on WATSAN in 6 public, rural area schools

  • Youth Intervention towards Ecosystem Management

  • Case Study Women Leadership

  • Cknet ina

    • Based on Strategic Plan 2014-2017

      • Communication Strengthening

        • Website Development

        • Carry out Knowledge Map (capacities)

      • 3 Case Studies

      • 4 year project (CDIET- Capacity Development on IWRM in Education and Training)

        • Workshop, Institutions Capacity

        • ME for Ministry of Public Works

        • Capacity Needs Assessment of the MPW

        • River Basin Organizations gaps, skills and knowledge (TNA)

        • MPW – How to develop strategic Plan for the next five-years

        • Review Gender policy of MPW, Gender workshop with Aguajaring

      • Review and Revise curriculum on IWRM on 2 universityies

      • Develop module on asset management and water management

    Regional cooperation sa and sea
    Regional Cooperation (SA and SEA)

    • For Common Needs, it will be a collaborative effort between two regions

      • Water Footprint

      • Climate Change and Water Resource Management in the Private Sector

      • MOU between ScAN and Aguajaring