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YOUR HEALTH. _________________________________________________ Do you think that you live a healthy lifestyle ? Why ? Why not ? What do you usually eat as a snack ? ______________________________________________ How many sodas do you drink in a week ?

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  • Do youthinkthatyoulive a healthylifestyle ? Why? Whynot?
  • What do youusuallyeat as a snack?


  • Howmany sodas do youdrink in a week?



Obesity in childrenisabigproblem, particularly in North America and Europe. In Peru, Approximatelytwentyfivepercent of children are overweight.

Lackof exerciseisone of themainreasonsforthis. Activitiessuch as playingcomputergames are becoming more and more popular. Fewerchildren are doingenoughphysicalactivityeachday and this can havedamagingconsequencesfortheirfuturehealth.

Doctorsrecognizethat regular exerciseisimportantforbothphysical and mental well- being. Thinkaboutyourdailyroutine. Do youhave a healthylifestyle? Whattypes of physicalactivities do you do?


Howoften do youexercise? Whatactivities can you do eachdaytoensureyouexerciseenough?

  • Thereisevidenceto show thatchildren do better at school and havegood social skillsimportantforbuildingstrenght and confidence . Itisrecommendedthatchildren are physically active for at eastsixty minutes per day.
  • Tere are manyadvantages in joining a sportsteam, butitdoesnotmatterifyou do notlikesports . Justthinkabouthowyou can incorporateexerciseintoyourothereverydayactivities.
  • Anactivitythatinvolvesonly a littlemovementiscallled a sedentaryactivity. Watchingtelevisionis a commonexample of this . Overfiftypercent of childrenwatchtelevisionforaroundthreehours per day! Watchingtelevision can be particularlyunhealthy
  • becausechildren are more likelytosnack at thesame time.

Other sendentary activities include reading, listening to music, using the computer, and doing homework.

  • Most physical activities take place outdoors. Unfortunately, many parents and children today are worried about “Stranger danger.” This is the worry that child will be hurt or taken by someone that they don’t know . Road safety is also a concern for many parents. Meanwhile, many children say it is too dark or cold to play outside in winter.
  • What factors prevent you from doing outdoor activities? Do you have friends or family you can practice with?

Kids who enjoy sports and exercise tend to stay active throughout their lives. Staying fit can help improve self-esteem, maintain a healthy weight, and decrease the risk of serious illness such as high blood presure, diabetes, and heart disease. It is OK if you are not interesed in traditional sports but it is important to find other ways to keep active. What can you do?

choose the correct option
.Choose the correct option
  • What percentage of children is overweight in Peru?

a. 20% b. 25% c. 30% d. 35%

  • Which activity is sedentary?

a. Running b. Sweeping the house c. watching T.V.

d. Playing tennis

3. Which is a reason for staying inside of the house?

a. Road safety b. Darkness c. Pollution

d. Stranger danger

Talk about the chosen one.

4. Children who do exercise or practice sports, improve their:

a. Sedentary b. Unfitness c. Self-steem

d. Weight

complete the sentences
Complete thesentences
  • Strenght – concern – sedentary – snacks – obesity
  • Manychildreneattoomany _______________.
  • Lackexerciseis a big ____________________.
  • Playingcomputergamesis a ___________activity.
  • _____________is a bigproblem in North America.
  • Regular exercisegivesyoungpeople ___________.
in groups discuss the questions
In groups, discussthequestions:
  • Whatphysicalactivities do youlikedoing? Explain



  • Whichactivities do you do withyourfamily?


  • Do youthinkchildren do more orlessexercisetoday

thanthepast? Why?