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“Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today” PowerPoint Presentation
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“Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today”

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“Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today”

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  1. “Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today” An initiative by Career Counseling & Entrepreneurship wing of Vichar-Vimarsh

  2. samparkand its Origin Vision and Objectives How does it help me? www.ptpgpm.com Core Team of sampark

  3. sampark: its origin • VichaarVimarshsession held on 16th Feb 2013 amongst alumni and students of ongoing batches led to four streams • Entrepreneurship and Career Counselling • Idea Generation  • Well Being • Contributing Back to Society • Each of these streams had the motto • Ofthe Students; Bythe Students ; and Forthe Students • samparkis a brainchild of Entrepreneurship and Career Counsellingstream

  4. sampark: as enabler sampark exists for, guided and lives by the spirit of Enabling Each Other…

  5. sampark: vision & objectives • samparkis a platform focussed on assisting PT PGPM students who • have a desire to be entrepreneurs or • want assistance in their career enhancement/progression samparkworks with following objectives: • enable connectbetween like minded people (students, alumnus and industry experts) through chain of workshops • enable platform to share various job opportunities across industry and domains,students directory, useful notes via students portal (www.ptpgpm.com) • enable sharing of effective ways to apply our knowledgefrom MBA and our own prior experience to make career shift

  6. sampark: how does it help me? Providing you an opportunity to learn from people who have travelled the MBA path and made changes in their career Assisting students who want to – • grow in their current domain in same industry • shift to a different domain and/or industry • start their own entrepreneurial venture Providing you the platform to create, develop, leverage and grow your professional network

  7. sampark: how does it help me? sampark can provide you with the desired platform. Onus of taking full advantage of this platform lies with YOU!! You can also contribute to samparkby • Posting job opportunities of your organization/industry • Writing Blogs • Keeping your contact and professional details updated • Helping each other with any required assistance

  8. sampark: ptpgpm.com • http://ptpgpm.com/ • Username: Your MDI ID (e.g. 13PT1-12) • You will get email with this and password reset link • If facing issues • Send your details to team@ptpgpm.com • Name, E-Mail, Organization, Designation, Contact number

  9. sampark: ptpgpm.com On this site you can browse through: DIRECTORY – to search the contact details of alumnus or current students using • user ID (e.g. 10PT is good enough to list all students) • name of company • name of person OPPORTUNITIES– to search or post jobs related to your domain/industry NEWS – to get regular updates regarding PT PGPM happenings PHOTO GALLERY – to revive nostalgia through picture of the moments of fun BLOGS – to share, collaborate, exchange views(Moderated by students edit team)

  10. sampark: contribution details Content guidelines: Kind of inputs • Opportunities • Experiences at MDI student’s events • Images • Learning notes Quality • Original • Source of references required wherever content is borrowed States of publishing • Draft, Review, Published • Publish – Private or Public

  11. sampark: core team Manish Singh (Oct-2010) VineetMaheshwari (Oct-2010) AmitPandey (Oct-2011) TarunaVirmani (Oct-2012) Amoor (Apr-2012) Dinesh Kumar Sharma (Oct-2011) KamalKishor (Oct-2011) PoojaVerma (Oct-2011) ChetanChavan (Oct-2011) PoojaRatra (Oct-2012) DushyantSahni (Oct-2011)

  12. Thank You!!

  13. smpark: team behind • Under the guidance of Prof. Kapoor and Prof. Bhullar • Content = Amit Pandey (Oct-2011), VineetMaheshwari (Oct-2010) • Curtain Raising Graphics = Amit Pandey(Oct-2011), • Communications = DushyantSahni (Oct-2011), VineetMaheshwari(Oct-2010) • Reaching out to alumni = Kamal, Dushyant, Amit, Pooja Ratra, Pooja Verma, Amoor, Vineet, Manish, Taruna, Dinesh • Requirements and testing = Pooja Ratra (Oct-2011) • Opening blog = Dinesh Sharma (Oct-2011) • Filler slide for the session = Manish (Oct-2010) • Portal backend implementation support = VineetMaheshwari(Oct-2010), Kamal Kishor (Oct-2011) • Logistics + All Arrangements (Room, Support material, Snacks) = RavinderBind, SrinivasReddy