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New Home Building

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New Home Building
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New Home Building

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  1. New Home Building

  2. Building a new home can be a daunting process, balancing your dreams with your budget is never easy, especially for first home buyers. But with low Australian interest rates on new homes at present, it is well worth investing in building your new home. To help you make the right choices when you're designing your Australian home plan, we have developed a list of key questions for you to ask yourself.

  3. When planning and building your new home, it is important to design a home that will grow with you. While children may not be at the forefront of your mind when you initially decide to build your first home, if you are hoping to expand your family in the future, you need to plan for any extra additions in your home building plans. Renovations can be a costly process, so it is vital that you tailor your new home building design not only for your current lifestyle, but also for any future plans. With this in mind, it is essential for you to ask yourself the question: how many rooms will you need for your growing family?

  4. It is very easy to be extravagant when developing your home building plans and incorporate extra rooms and features that you may not necessarily need. While this is fine if you are lucky enough to have an unlimited cash flow, if you are on a budget and need to be careful with expenditure, it is important to determine what you really need in your new home, not just what you want. This begs the question: how many rooms will comfortably house your family now, and in the future?

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  6. If you love to socialise and often stay over at family and friend's homes for birthdays and other social events, you will have experienced firsthand how frustrating waiting for a shower can be, especially if there is a long queue. If lifestyle is important to you, and you plan on having guests staying frequently, it is beneficial to ask yourself the question: will I have enough rooms and bathrooms for both my family and guests to be comfortable?

  7. Everyone has different ideas on how they like to spend their free time. Some like to BBQ with friends or family, others enjoy relaxing with a good book or a movie. When building your new home, it is important to design a custom house plan that is tailored to suit your lifestyle. If you are an avid movie viewer, you need to ascertain whether you want to include a theatre room in your home building plans. Or if you find time spent outdoors cooking with friends and family a great way to recuperate after a long working week, will an undercover BBQ area be the perfect addition to your new home plans?

  8. At Orbit Homes, we specialise in Victorian house plans, and can help you answer these important questions and create the perfect custom house plan, tailored to suit your lifestyle now, and in the future.

  9. Contact Us Head Office & Design Studio 286 Mt Alexander Road, Ascot Vale VIC 3032 (03) 9377 0000 Website: