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Introduction to Floating Architecture Research Center PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to Floating Architecture Research Center

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Introduction to Floating Architecture Research Center - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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5 th Joint Seminar between KNU and YU. Introduction to Floating Architecture Research Center. Principal Investigator Prof. C. H. Moon( 文昌浩 ), Kunsan National University. 2014. 01. Sistership between YU and KNU. (2005). (2006). Background of Research. General Aspect.

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Presentation Transcript

5th Joint Seminar between KNU and YU

Introduction to

Floating Architecture Research Center

Principal Investigator

Prof. C. H. Moon(文昌浩),

Kunsan National University

2014. 01

background of research
Background of Research

General Aspect

- Increase of economic income level : people want to live and enjoy leisure activities near or on the water

- Climate change : there have been severe and frequent natural disasters like heavy rain, hurricane and flooding

Regional Aspect

  • - Location of Kunsan : Plenty of water like Sea, River and Lakes
  • - National Project : Saemangeum land reclamation project
  • - Others : Old Kunsan Islands Tourist Project


  • - Diverse floating architecture can be an emerging and realizable alternative.
outline of research development
Outline of Research & Development

Research Title

Development of Design Technology in Residential Floating Architecture

for Aqua & Marine Culture Space

Supporting Organization

Ministry of Land, Infrastructureand Transport, Korea

KAIA(Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement)

Scope & Subject of Research

  • - Low Rise & Small Scale Floating Building for Leisure, Living and Cultural Activities
  • Installing Location : Calm Coast and Lake
  • Pontoon System for Floating Structure

Research Period

- 4.5 years from December 2010


Concept of Floating Architecture

Floating architecture can be defined as a building for living/working space that floats on water with floatation system, is moored in a permanent location, does not include a water craft designed or intended for navigation, and has a premises service(electricity, water/sewage, gas) system served through connection by permanent supply/return system


Concept of Research




wave< 1m

connecting bridge

story < 4

length <100 m


water depth2~10 m

bottom of sea, river or lake


IBA Dock, Germany

Floating Hotel, Sweden

Floating Ferry Terminal, Japan

Floating Homes, USA


Floating Pool, Czech

Floating Cemetery, HongKong

final goal
Final Goal

Part 1

Optimal Design & Vibration Control

Part 2

Space Planning, Legal System & Energy System

Core Design Technology

of Floating Buildings


Participating Firms

OCEANSPACE, 3D Engineering, TSEC Group,

DAEDEULBO Structural Engineering, SEAPORT,

HANKUK Sea Development, HILL Engineering, HANSUNG Company,

SANGJI Architects & Engineers, GE Engineering, GIL Group, U-TOP Engineering

sub research title and researcher
Sub-research Title and Researcher

Part 1. Engineering(Structure, Material, and Management)



Interaction Analysis of Floating Structure

Prof. Y. W. Lee,

Kunsan National University

FAR Floating Architecture Research


Acceleration and Inclination due to Pontoon Motion


Differential Settlement of Building Base


Stability of Pontoon with Building

research target
Research Target

Design and Interaction Analysis of Floating Structure

Design Method of Floating Structure

Optimization of Structure

Interaction Analysis and Design Study for Test Bed

Analysis and Pre-Design with Determined Design Loads

YR 5

YR 4

Pre-Analysis of Interaction for Floating Structure

YR 3

YR 2

YR 1

interaction analysis of floating structure
Interaction Analysis of Floating Structure
  • Hydro elastic Analysis of Pontoon with Building
  • Response Spectrum Analysis
  • Time Domain Analysis for Verifying Performance
  • Develop Design Guideline of Concrete Pontoon
  • Development of Various Ideas in Floating Architecture
  • Application of Floating Building Technology to Practice
  • Addition to National Building Code
  • Establishment of Local(Kunsan City) Building Code
  • Joint Research between YU and KNU
  • Others