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RPC DQM status

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RPC DQM status - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cimmino, M. Maggi, P. Noli, D. Lomidze, P. Paolucci, G. Roselli, C. Carillo. RPC DQM status. Online General Plan I. Large set of histograms chamber by chamber Cluster Size, Nr of Digis, Multiplicity, BX, Occupancy Small set of Summary histograms 5+1 Cluster Size by wheel & barrel

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Presentation Transcript

Online General Plan I

  • Large set of histograms chamber by chamber
    • Cluster Size, Nr of Digis, Multiplicity, BX, Occupancy
  • Small set of Summary histograms
    • 5+1 Cluster Size by wheel & barrel
    • 60 Occupancy by sectors
    • 5 2D Occupancy by wheel
  • Quality test:
    • statistical analysis, alarms, results in output file (ready)
    • histo comparision, output read from GUI, file repository (on going)
  • General Web based DQM GUI (WBM today)
    • display Histograms, alarms and Qtest output file


DQM meeting - 26 feb 08

Anna, David e Pierluigi


Online General Plan II

  • RPC RenderPlugins
    • colored histograms/plots (ready for summary histos)
    • alarm and warning text on the histo\plot (March)
    • reference histograms\plots (April)
    • could be more !!
  • Store output root files and ascii files in the CMS repository (April)
  • Online documentation for people in shift (operation manual, instruction and examples) (twiki page to update and improve)


DQM meeting - 26 feb 08

Anna, David e Pierluigi


Offline DQM I

  • What we have now
    • Cluster Size, Nr of Digis, BX, Occupancy
    • Chamber and Trigger Efficiency (G. Roselli)
    • Chamber Noise
  • What we are planning to do
    • 2D efficiency (Radiography) (Napoli)
    • trigger data and DB usage (May)
    • Run quality studies
  • We have to estimate/measure the numbers and the performance of the offline DQM (how many histo/plot, CPU time….)


DQM meeting - 26 feb 08

RPC DQM group


Offline DQM II

  • We need an accurate offline trigger studies (Giuseppe) and correlate the results with the detector results
  • We need to access non event-data from the condition database and used them for more accurate analysis and checks.
  • Offline calibration to send back to ORCON (online):
    • Dead and noisy strips !!
    • Efficiency chamber by chamber ?
  • DQM summary results can be stored in the ORCOF
  • central GUI and/or TBrowser to see histos


DQM meeting - 26 feb 08

RPC DQM group


RPC DQM Plan for next GR

  • RPC Online part is almost ready. Few technical problems will be fixed soon - David
  • 3-D occupancy plots by sector are now ready (new) - David
  • WEB GUI based on WBM is now ready
  • First Qtest prototype is ready (output ascii file) (new) - Anna
    • we would like to merge DQMMonitorDigi (where the histograms are produced) and Qtest module (where the analysis is done) in only one module.
    • will check monitoring elements after every 1.000\10.000 entries (we have to discuss this ), in any case it is configurable by config. file
    • it produces output ascii file, in the near future WEB GUI will read it.
  • A first prototype of the RPCRenderPlugins is now ready (decorate or to write text on histograms) - David
  • OFFLINE: working on the 3-D efficiency histograms (chamber radiography) and on Trigger/Chamber efficiency (Giuseppe) (new)


DQM meeting - 26 feb 08

RPC DQM group


QTests status and plan(A. Cimmino)

  • Dead Strip test:

performed on the occupancy plots made chamber by chamber. Output ascii file and histogram with dead strips.

Mismatches with already known dead strips are reported. (80% ready)

  • Occupancy Difference Test:

it retrieves reference histograms for each chamber and compares bin by bin. Output will be ascii file and/or histograms

  • Multiplicity/Cluster size:

It checks the last set of histograms with the references and produce an output file/plots.

It checks if the multiplicity is compatible in an “a priori”defined range. It checks how much the multiplicity of each chamber deviates from the average calculated wheel by wheel.


DQM meeting - 26 feb 08

RPC DQM group


Sector Occupancy (new)

Dead strips


DQM meeting - 26 feb 08

RPC DQM group


Sector Occupancy (new)

Dead strips

Using RPCRenderPlugins


DQM meeting - 26 feb 08

RPC DQM group

wmb interface
WMB Interface

WBM will be used by CMS only for the history plots

(summary info from DB) !!!

New Online and Offline GUI is almost ready (with WEB interface)


DQM meeting - 26 feb 08

RPC DQM group

clustersize occupancy bx
ClusterSize, Occupancy, BX,

Global Ocupancy by Wheel


Occupancy by Chamber

Cluster Size by Chamber

Number of Digi


DQM meeting - 26 feb 08

RPC DQM group

offline dqm questions
Offline DQM questions
  • Which are the offline DQM modules (existing or planned) to be run?
  • What is the status of the code development and readiness for deployment?
    • RPCMonitorDigi (, 90% ready
    • RPCMonitorClient (Qtest) 30% ready
    • RPCMonitorModule (to delete)
  • Which are thepackages that we need to include?
offline dqm questions1
Offline DQM questions
  • It would be great to have some quantitative estimates of a) the number of histograms and bins
  • Summary histos/bins: 69 / 6.320  Occupancy by Weel: 5 histo 480 bins    Sector Occupancy: 60 histos 5.760 bins    Cluster Size: 4 histos 80 bins
  • Histos by chambers: 11.164 / 1.010.250

Barrel:1D. ~ 4800 histos, 700800 bins

(ClusterSize, Number of Clusters, Number of Digi, BX, Occupancy)2D. ~1920 histos, 76800 bins

(ClusterSize vs Strips, BX vs Strips)barrel total ~6789 histograms &  860720 bins

Endcap :1D. ~ 3125 histos,  309450 bins

(ClusterSize, Number of Clusters, Number of Digi, BX, Occupancy)2D. ~ 1250 histos, 120000 bins

(ClusterSize vs Strips, BX vs Strips)

  • Efficiency by chambers: 10.000 / 960.000
offline dqm questions2
Offline DQM questions
  • the memory and CPU consumption ?
    • we don’t have this estimation – working on
  • the number of events required for good statistics:
    • 1 milion of muons for the efficiency by strip
    • 10 K of muons for the cluster size, multiplicy, noise and occupancy (by chamber)
    • 120 K muons for the summary plots (by wheel…)
rpc detector status
RPC Detector Status
  • We are now working on the definition of a detector status by sector  wheel  barrel
  • The RPC DS will be based on the detector occupancy and/or on the trigger rate
  • Right now we will use only the detector occupancy checking:
    • average occupancy per chamber
    • shape of the occupancy histogram
    • the number of dead strips (“new” and “old”)
  • In any case we need to check also the DCS will provide information about the HV, LV and Gas status (FSM and alarm)
  • Online RPC DQM is almost ready:
    • new 2D histograms (occupancy)
    • still working on more summary plots
    • quality test on going (dead strip ready)
  • Offline RPC DQM contains also:
    • detector efficiency (ready)
    • trigger efficiency (working on)
  • Almost 22 K histograms  2,2 milions of bin


DQM meeting - 26 feb 08

RPC DQM group