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The Restoration and Enlightenment

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The Restoration and Enlightenment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Restoration and Enlightenment. By: Alejandro Osorio, Abby Downey, and Jordan Roach. Events in the World. World Leaders 1736 – Qian -long becomes emperor, leadin g China to its greatest prosperity 1740 - Maria Theresa becomes queen of Austria, Bohemia, and Hungary

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the restoration and enlightenment
The Restoration and Enlightenment
  • By: Alejandro Osorio, Abby Downey, and Jordan Roach
events in the world
Events in the World

World Leaders

1736– Qian-long becomes emperor, leading China to its greatest prosperity

1740- Maria Theresa becomes queen of Austria, Bohemia, and Hungary

1762- Catherine the Great begins rule to Russia

Revolutions and Wars

1699- After 17-year war, Austria negotiates control of east-central Europe, ending Turkish presence in region

1722- Safavid Empire of Persia collapses from Afghan and Ottaman assaults

1789- French Revolution starts

World Events

  • 1703- Peter the Great begins building city of St. Petersburg
  • 1756- Frederick the Great of Prussia starts Seven Years’ War fought in Europe, North America, and India
  • 1793- French King Louis XVI executed by guillotine
  • 1795- Napolean Bonaparte’s defense of National Convention delegates from rebels makes him savior of French republic
events in britain

Robert Walpole


1689- Parliament passes English Bill of Rights

1707- England and Scotland united as Great Britain

1721- Robert Walpole, first political leader to be called prime minister, takes office

Other Key Events

1665- Great Plague of London kills thousands

1666- Five-day Great Fire of London destroys large section of city

1687- Sir Isaac Newton publishes law of gravity

1784- Religious reformer John Wesley, founder of Methodism, officially splits with Church of England

Wars, Revolutions, and Colonies

1757- British rule over India begins

1763- Britain defeats France in Seven Years’ War, acquiring French Canada

1775- War with colonies in North American begins

1783-American independence acknowledged in Treaty of Paris

1788- First British settlement in Australia

1793- War with revolutionary France begins

Rulers of Britain

1685- Reign of James II begins

1702- Reign of Anne begins

1714- Reign of George I begins

1727- Reign of George II begins

1760- Reigns of George III begins

Sir Isaac Newton

events in british literature
Events in British literature
  • Novels
  • 1671-John Milton’s paradise regained published
  • 1690- John Locke publishes essay two treatises on civil government starting natural rights of life liberty and property
  • 1709-Richard Steele begins periodical the Talter to which Joseph Addison contributes articles
  • 1711-Addison and Steele begins the spectator
  • 1719- Daniel Defoe’s narrative chronicle Robinson cruse published, considered by many the first novel in English
  • 1740- Samuel Richardson's Pamela published, considered by others first novel in English
  • 1791- Boswell issues two-volume Life of Samuel Johnson

Other important dates

  • 1668- John Dryden first official poet laureate
  • 1695-End of prepublication censorship a victory for press freedom
  • 1726- Jonathan swift arranges anonymous delivery of manuscript of Gulliver’s Travels to London printer
  • 1755-A dictionary of the English language published Samuel Johnson
  • 1768- publication of Encyclopedia Britannica begins in Scotland
  • 1784- William Blake creates “illuminated printing” technique for combining text and illustration
  • Diaries
  • 1660- Samuel Pepys begins diary
  • 1722- Defoe publishes a journal of the plague year, fictional narrative of London's deadly plague of 1665-66