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Most Popular Search:. Usher – 30,000,000 Searches/Month CDs, Books, Concert Tickets, More… 1/1000 of these users = 30,000. Low Maintenance Ecommerce. Synergizing technology with marketing to reduce workload and increase sales.

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most popular search
Most Popular Search:
  • Usher – 30,000,000 Searches/Month
  • CDs, Books,Concert Tickets,More…
  • 1/1000 of theseusers = 30,000.
low maintenance ecommerce
Low MaintenanceEcommerce
  • Synergizing technology with marketing to reduce workload and increase sales.
  • Low maintenance: Technology: CGI Script, XML, RSS. Marketing: SEO, Syndicated Newsletter.
  • Provide a service: Make search easier, make finding products and discounts easier.
  • “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.”-Henry Ford
  • Affiliate Program – Mutually beneficial relationship between a website and a company. We use
  • Creatives – Promotional tools used to market affiliate programs. These include banner ads, and coupon codes.
  • Search Engine Optimization – making content highly relevant for both search engines and searches. Goal: gain top position for specific “keywords.”
  • Link and Code Driven Coupons: Offers specialty discounts by using a link or a code. Generally not organized online or by
e commerce then now
E-commerce – Then & Now
  • THEN: March 10, 2000 – The dot-com bubble burst
    • 862 dot-com companies fail in the following month
    • 368 e-commerce websites (43%) fail
  • NOW: Online sales for 2003 were $12.2 billion, up 42% from the previous year
  • 71% of e-commerce sites were profitable in 2003
amazon s market
Amazon’s Market
  • One of the few companies to survive dot-com bubble burst
  •’s President Jeffrey Bezos states: “The customer experience we create is by far the most important driver of our business.”
amazon s market cont
Amazon’s Market cont…

Growth in Net Sales (in thousands)

discount coupon market
“In 2001, marketers distributed 333 billion coupons and by redeeming them consumers saved over $3 billion.”

- Assoc. of Coupon Professionals

Burst! Media conducted a “study of nearly 8,000 web users [and] found that about one-in-five (19.0%) respondents have redeemed an Internet coupon.”

Discount Coupon Market
seo google
SEO – Google
  • Google’s goal to create a perfect search engine.
  • Not merely text analysis but HTML analysis.
  • How HTML analysis relates to PageRank™.
google pagerank
Google – PageRank™
  • Why PageRank™ is important to our site.
  • Gliding scale PageRank™ 1 – 10.
  • How to improve PageRank™
    • Do not use Spam techniques.
    • Do not use framed sites.
    • Do not "capture" outgoing links within a frame of your own site.
    • Do not link to other sites using a Java Script code.
    • The site should have its own domain name. 
    • The site should not be hosted on a free server.
    • The site should have a professional, quality image.
    • Keep your site clean, neat and organized.
    • The site should not have excessive pop-ups.
    • The site should contain GOOD information and / or products.
seo google award strategy
SEO – GoogleAward Strategy
  • How We Will Increase PageRank™
    • Clutter Free Content
    • Meta Tags
    • Linking to other pages
    • Award Link Strategy
      • Usher, top listed sites.
      • E-mail sites saying they have an award. We create graphic, they display on their site with a link to an awards page and links to our products.
seo google1
SEO - Google
  • Concluding Remarks:
  • How Search Engine Optimization and Understanding Google can help our business not merely survive but thrive.
  • Low maintenance, & low cost.
  • Effective
amazon com xml feed XML FEED
  • Amazon Provides an XML Feed to affiliates.
  • Product information, shopping cart script, product reviews, product information, price and sales rank.
  • We can use these free of charge.
amazon com xml feed the problem XML FeedThe PROBLEM
  • Our Goal is to utilize Search Engine Marketing.
  • But, the scripts used to parse XML leave an ‘unfriendly URL.’
  • Dynamic content cannot be crawled by Google.
amazon com xml feed our solution XML FeedOur Solution
  • Mod Rewrite
    • Rewrites the CGI output in an HTML format.
    • Search Engines don’t know it is a dynamically created page.
    • We get crawled, all 500,000 pages.
    • With a lot of pages indexed, we will get traffic galore.
amazon com xml feed live demo XML FEEDLIVE DEMO
    • Amazon Daily Deals
      • Select any product.
        • It is indexed on our site.
        • ‘Search.’ for the product
        • Regular links, browse directory. The directly links to roughly 500,000 products.
  • When users search, they will most likely find an internal page, not our front page.
  • We have ten seconds to impress our user and convince them to stay for their first visit, and come back for more.
  • Two main issues:
    • Credibility, Ease of Navigation
  • Credibility
    • Prominent display of logo
    • Professionally made graphics
    • Up to date coupons and newsletter
      • Users know the site is constantly monitored
  • Ease of Navigation
    • Each page must be accessed by at least two clicks.
      • Map, Link to Home Page, Simple Interface
interface attracting repeat visitors
InterfaceAttracting Repeat Visitors
  • Contextual Analysis
    • Script that searches for keywords
    • Consults a database
    • Displays a ‘guess’ of relevant coupons
    • Also general coupons (e.g. free shipping on orders over $25, or $5 discount on mothers day).
interface attracting repeat visitors1
InterfaceAttracting Repeat Visitors
  • Newsletter, constant reminder of deals and where to go.
    • Syndicated Content
    • Online Shopping Tips
  • Bookmark link script on each page
  • Bargain shopper market is ripe and ready for harvest.
  • Low-maintenance and low cost: SEO, Syndicated Content.
  • Effective: Provide a service. Help users find bargains.
  • Untapped niche for service, ripe market, and a unique idea = success!