Chapter 32 nation of nations in a global community 1980 2006
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Chapter 32: Nation of Nations in a Global Community 1980-2006 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 32: Nation of Nations in a Global Community (1980-2006). NATION OF NATIONS, SIXTH EDITION DAVIDSON • DELAY • HEYRMAN • LYTLE • STOFF. Preview.

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Chapter 32 nation of nations in a global community 1980 2006

Chapter 32: Nation of Nations in a Global Community (1980-2006)




  • “A renewed wave of immigration was only one way in which global ties increased the nation’s interdependence with the rest of the world. The rise of the Internet signaled a revolution in global communications and commerce as well….But in 2001, the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York changed U.S. priorities dramatically…”

The highlights
The Highlights

  • The New Immigration

  • The Clinton Presidency: Managing a New Global Order

  • The Clinton Presidency on Trial

  • The United States in a Networked World

  • Multiculturalism and Contested American Identity

  • Terrorism in a Global Age

Day 1
Day 1

What is immigration?

What is urban flight?

What is the biggest determining factor in social status today?

The new immigration
The New Immigration

  • The New Look of America—Asian Americans

    • Prosperous newcomers

    • Blue-collar Asians and China towns

    • Asian downward mobility in which educated could not find professional jobs, 2nd kids failed in school

  • The New Look of America—Latinos

    • The Dominicans of Washington Heights

    • East Los Angeles

  • Illegal Immigration between 2-12 million

    • Immigration and Control Act of 1986 called on employers to check workers status

    • By 1996, the illegal population of Latinos stood at about 5 million people

  • Links with the Home Country

    • By 1992, amount of funds sent worldwide was so great it was surpassed in volume only by the currency flows of global oil trade

    • Banda music and old country social events

  • Religious Diversity

    • Buddhist, Hindu and Islamic beliefs

    • Catholic Churches increasingly celebrated mass in both English and Spanish

“The global nature of the new immigration also reshaped the religious faiths of America. …Immigrants brought with them not only their own brands of Christianity and Judaism but also Buddhist, Hindu, and Islamic beliefs.”

Day 2
Day 2

What is gentrification?

What is proposition 187?

How are current arguments against gentrification similar to those used in the past?

The usa in a networked world
The USA in a Networked World

  • The Internet Revolution

    • The Galactic Network and ARPANET

    • The personal computer

    • The World Wide Web and E-commerce

      • 1998 $40 billion by 2007 $1.1 trillion

  • American Workers in a Two-Tiered Economy

    • Wage stagnation/ uneducated drop of $7,000

    • Diverging income levels between college educated and non college educated

    • Effects of prosperity created wealth divide


Multiculturalism and contested american identity
Multiculturalism and Contested American Identity

  • African Americans and the Persistence of the Racial Divide

    • Michael Jordan and Oprah highest paid in world

    • Rodney King and the Los Angeles riots

    • Complexity of the riots showed not race but economic

    • The O.J. Simpson case


  • African Americans in a Full-Employment Economy

    • Inner-city renewal; AA 46% homeownership, 92% employment

    • Proposition 209 against affirmative action proposed by Ward Connerly

    • Persistent poverty

  • Global Pressures in a Multicultural America

    • Proposition 187 and illegal aliens sought to deny health, education, welfare ruled unconstitutional

    • English as an official language


Day 3
Day 3

When was the internet developed?

How has technology changed America?

What is the most significant invention to effect lives?

Clinton managing a new global order
Clinton : Managing a New Global Order

  • Clinton: Ambitions and Character

    • Clinton’s ambitious progressive agenda to control deficit, health care, welfare

    • Don’t ask; don’t tell

    • Whitewater- Ken Start appointed special prosecutor found no wrong doings

  • The New World Disorder

    • Clinton hoped to pay less attention to foreign affairs

    • Americans in Haiti as peacekeepers

  • Yugoslavian Turmoil

    • Conflicts in Bosnia and Croatia- ethnic cleansing

    • Dayton Accords (1995) created Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia

    • Intervention in Kosovo

  • Middle East Peace

    • Middle East peace negotiations failed to achieve a 2 state solution with Palestine & Israel

    • The new global “world order” would be difficult to maintain

Day 4
Day 4

What is ethnic cleansing?

Why did the United States send troops to Kosovo?

Should the USA send troops as peace keepers? Why

The clinton presidency on trial
The Clinton Presidency on Trial

  • Recovery without Reform

    • Clinton program to improve infrastructure and reduce deficit

    • NAFTA- promise more jobs and trade

    • Brady Bill- 5 day waiting period for hand guns

    • Health care reform failed for universal coverage

  • The Conservative Revolution Revived

    • The Contract with America- Newt Gingrich promised balanced budget, tax cuts, term limits

    • Government shutdown

    • Welfare reform cut 9-10 ppl & set limits

  • Women’s Issues in the Clinton Years

    • Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Janet Reno, Hillary Clinton

    • Pro-life advocates sought to limit Roe v. Wade but Clinton vetoed criminalizing partial birth abortions

    • 1991- UAW v. Johnson Controls stopped job protection based on biological differences

    • Contrasting views of feminism

    • Equality vs.. celebrating differences

  • Scandal

    • The Lewinsky affair

    • Impeachment

    • Acquittal

  • The Politics of Surplus

    • Social security crisis 1990’s 6 workers pay per retire by 2030 3 workers per retire

    • Surplus should by applied to Social Security and Medicade

    • Defeat of nuclear test ban treaty

Day 5
Day 5

What is impeachment?

What is NAFTA?

Why was Clinton impeached?

  • Hanging By a Chad: The Election of 2000

    • Bush made Clinton the central issue of his campaign

    • Evidence of widespread voting irregularities

    • Florida counties used complicated ballot layouts and old punch-card machines – “hanging chads”

    • Supreme Court decided Bush v. Gore

Terrorism in a global age
Terrorism in a Global Age

  • September 11th attacks

  • Energized a foundering Bush administration

  • Initial support of international community

  • Fear at home- anthrax scares

  • War on Terror

    • Invasion of Afghanistan

    • USA Patriot Act

    • Invasion of Iraq

  • A Messy Aftermath

    • Failed occupation, growing insurgency

    • Sabotage prevented oil production from helping to pay for the war

    • Spring 2004, world shocked by abuse and torture at Abu Ghraib prison

The war on terror afghanistan and iraq
The War on Terror: Afghanistan and Iraq

Day 6
Day 6

What factors led to George W. Bush’s victory in 2000?

What happened on 9/11/01

What is the connection between Iraq and 9/11/01?

  • A Conservative Agenda at Home

    • No Child left Behind

    • “faith-based initiatives”

    • Tax cuts

  • Unilateralism in Foreign Affairs

    • Kyoto Protocols

    • Doctrine of preemption

  • Governing from the Right

    • Election of 2004: John Kerry and “flip-flopping”

    • Reforming Social Security

    • Tax cuts

    • Moral issues: partial birth abortion, medical research using embryonic stem cells, Terri Schiavo

    • Supreme Court appointments

  • Disasters Domestic and Foreign

    • Hurricane Katrina

    • New Orleans flooding

    • Civil War in Iraq

    • Fall 2006, voters voiced displeasure; Democrats retook the House and the Senate