the bridge to terabithia n.
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The Bridge to terabithia

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The Bridge to terabithia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Bridge to terabithia. By: Caroline. Talking.

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  • Hi I am jess, you know I really hate my life right now it is the worst and totally the worst. My sisters are brats and they get whatever I mean whatever they want they want. They got to go shopping while I had to do farm work all day, that is totally uncool. My dad is the meanest person on earth and he never listens to what I say. One time when I was in first grade I told him that I wanted to be a artist when I grow up and he screamed at me and said I was stupid. The only thing that is going good in my life is that I am about to be the fastest kid in the 5th grade. See we do these races at school during recess and I know that I will be the fastest kid there. So I have been practicing all summer sprinting in the front yard. But there’s one problem. There is a new kid named Leslie and everybody says she is super fast and I am afraid that she is going to be faster than me. Well the firs day of school is tomorrow and I got to prepare for the race and get a good night sleep so bye!