electric cars and in transit charging n.
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Electric Cars and In-Transit Charging PowerPoint Presentation
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Electric Cars and In-Transit Charging

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Electric Cars and In-Transit Charging - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Electric Cars and In-Transit Charging. A Brief Overview. How does this in -transit charging work?. Powered by batteries, which need to be recharged. How do electric cars work?. Fewer moving parts than gas vehicles.

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how do electric cars work

Powered by batteries, which need to be recharged

How do electric cars work?
  • Fewer moving parts than gas vehicles


  • Regenerative braking helps recharge the batteries to save energy


main parts of an electric car
Main parts of an electric car





More efficient use of energy

  • Does not pollute the environment

Advantages of electric cars

  • Less use of fossil fuels
  • No carbon emissions (smog)
  • Can charge at home or at public charging stations



carbon emissions smog

Smog is air pollution caused in-part by combustion engines

  • Electric cars don’t produce smog

Toronto without smog

Toronto with smog

Carbon Emissions (Smog)


cons of electric cars

Drives for shorter lengths than a car using gas (Range Anxiety)

Cons of electric cars
  • Takes a long time to charge


  • Electric cars are more expensive


overcoming range anxiety


  • In-transit charging:
    • Conductive
    • In-road inductive chargers
Overcoming Range Anxiety
  • Larger batteries
  • Batteries with higher energy density


benefits of in transit charging


  • You can go to Toronto, Ottawa or even Nova Scotia without stopping to charge your battery
Benefits of in-transit charging
  • Cars can charge while driving
  • Uses smaller, lighter, and less expensive batteries
can in transit charging really work

Yes, but these are what need to be done first:

  • Making the conductors retractable
  • Safety system when the car engages and disengages the in-transit lane
Can in-transit charging really work?
  • Automatic payment and billing system
  • Making the in-transit system weather-proof
  • Government regulations and standards



We are grateful for the financial support of Ontario Research Fund and Automotive Partnership Canada for the development of this setup.

  • The contributions of Kevin Cochran, AmkoVerkerk, George Tzoganakis, Adrian Neil, and Mitch Rushton have been significant in the design, fabrication and programming of this setup and are very appreciated.
  • Amir Khajepour, PhD, PEng
  • Professor and Canada Research Chair in
  • Mechatronic Vehicle Systems
  • Principal Investigator, Green Intelligent Transportation Systems – Green ITS