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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations PowerPoint Presentation
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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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  1. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations AkhilPuthenkot

  2. TARGET PROBLEM • LACK OF CHARGING POINTS FOR E-WHEELERS • E-WHEELERS sales are growing at a faster rate with some segments reporting as high as 12000 sales per month. Charging points are not growing at same pace. • HIGH COST OF CHARGING STATIONS • Existing E-WHEELER charging stations have been setup like petrol pumps at a cost of 15 lacks to 2 Cr per station with facility to charge 4-20 vehicles at a time.

  3. E-WHEELERS ARE HERE, BUT WHERE DO YOU FIND ONE CHARGING PLUG • UNAVAILABILITY OF REAL-ESTATE • A typical charging station is designed as petrol pump and needs an area of 2000 to 20000 Sq. Ft. at a prime location accessible from main roads.

  4. EXISTING SOLUTIONS • Public Charging Stations • These have recently started coming up, targeted mainly for EV cars. There are very few organized app based payment linked system. These require individual mobile app downloads.

  5. Community Charging Stations • Currently has 274 stations across India. Has an app to find the station, but it cannot be booked or facilitate any payment facility. Most charging stations are not available after 6pm. • Dealer Network • Most EV dealer setup free charging points. They are mostly welcomed only for their own brands. Do not allow true public charging and no booking can be done.

  6. Government Initiatives • Government has a massive plan and the initial pilot roll out has setup charging network at 55 locations in Delhi, these are currently being tied up to an app. These will require specified mobile app.

  7. All these solutions are targeted mainly for EV cars • Each payment linked system uses a mobile app which may not be suitable for E-Rikshaw owners. • Only manufacturer owned solution can make use of vehicle specific data while charging. • None of these addresses the need for short duration top-up without an app

  8. Our Solution - One Dream • “With thousands of ONEPLUG available across the town, you are never far from ONEPLUG” • Forget the range anxiety. Use ONEPLUG app on your mobile to locate the nearest available charging point, book it before you reach there and enjoy hassle free self service charging any time of the day.

  9. But how do we get so much of land for stations? • ONEPLUG connects with your electric vehicle to suggest you sufficient charging time for your immediate needs. ONEPLUG always ensures nearest charging location with shortest charging time.

  10. WELCOME • ONEPLUG – Electric vehicle charging station knows everything about your e-vehicle and gives you top-up charging, whenever and wherever you need it. • INBUILT METERING • SAFE ELECTRIC PLUG • DOES NOT REQUIRE INTERNET

  11. ONEPLUG • Public Infrastructure • ONEPLUG is owned directly by owners of property with available electricity. ZEROBILL sets this up for EV owners to get top-up charge for a small time-usage fee. • App based Search and Book • ONEPLUG app shows the nearest available charging point suitable for your vehicles. You can book the time duration directly on app. Plug it and get the charging.

  12. Hassle free Charging and Payments • API integration for 4-wheelers calculates the power needs automatically. For other EV, inbuilt metering automatically cuts off after the estimated power is supplied.

  13. SALIENT FEATURES • INSTALLATION EASY • No SIM card or internet required • No external meter needed • Typically takes under 60 minutes to install ONEPLUG • ACCESS SIMPLE • Not dependant only on Mobile App • Activates charging with secured code • Works with Mobile App, POS Receipts or IVR system

  14. COST ZERO • ONEPLUG is setup at ZERO cost • Almost zero idle time electricity • Small per minute time-usage fee for convenient billing

  15. Our Competitive Advantage • Easy Setup • Our NON IOT smart plug uses patent pending technology with vehicle aware plug. Does not require a SIM card or internet. • Innovative • We use the private parking spaces available across the town to setup low cost easy access charging infrastructure.

  16. We Are Just Another Disruptive Idea ! • Intelligent • Our direct API access with e-vehicle enables us to predict the accurate charging time and supply the right power. • Priced Right • Low operation cost with self service model enables us to price our services which user would be delighted to pay.