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  1. Bluetooth Presented By : Harish Kumar, Tulasi Ram.

  2. What is BLUETOOTH: Bluetooth is a wireless technology used to transfer data between different electronic devices. The distance of data transmission is small in comparison to other modes of wireless communication. This technology eradicates the use of cords, cables, adapters and permits the electronic devices to communicate wirelessly among each other.  (or) • Bluetooth is a high-speed, low-power microwave wireless link technology, designed to connect phones, laptops, PDAs and other portable equipment together with little or no work by the user.

  3. History Of Bluetooth: • Bluetooth was invented in 1994 by Ericsson. • The company later started working with a larger group of companies called the Bluetooth Special Interests Group, or "SIG," to develop the technology into what it is today. • Bluetooth is not owned by any one company and is developed and maintained by SIG. • The name Bluetooth came from a code name originally used by SIG for the project and is a reference to a 10th century Danish king named Harold Bluetooth, who was responsible for uniting Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

  4. What is Bluetooth Technology: It comprises of a base band processor, a radio and an antenna . The base-band processor converts the data into signals, the antenna of another blue tooth device, within at least 30 feet distance, receives a transmitted signal in the air. • It uses a frequency hopping spread spectrum technique (FHSS) - which is one of two basic modulation techniques used in spread spectrum signal transmission. Frequencies are switched repeatedly during radio transmission to help reduce unlawful access or other means of telecommunications to cross paths and cause interruption

  5. Types Of Bluetooth Devices: Head Set In-Car Bluetooth System Bluetooth Equipped Printer Bluetooth Equipped Web Cam Bluetooth GPS System Bluetooth Key Board

  6. Importance Of Bluetooth: • These have Replaced cables for transferring Information from one Electronic Device to another one. • These have decreased Strain like carrying phones while talking, making hands free to do another work. • This is cheaply Available. • It’s Mobility is also very Important as it doesn’t need any power outlet or Internet connection or any other items.

  7. Disadvantages Of Bluetooth: • Data sent between two Bluetooth devices is very slow compared with Wi-Fi transfer Rate. • Range Of a Bluetooth Device is 15-30 feet depending upon the Device. • Security is Biggest Disadvantage as transfer takes place through radio waves and a hacker can easily hack it. • Battery usage is also a problem, it will make device out of power before it would have if Bluetooth was not powered on.