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  1. MCOM 01 October 7, 2013

  2. How to pitch a news story. Pitch: To throw out an idea to be considered for news coverage. • What is your pitch’s news value? • What are your visuals? • Who will you talk to (sources)? • How does this fit into a larger context? • Do you have a bias with this story?

  3. Pitching Know your audience: The person whose job it is to read news pitches is typically the assignment editor. • Do research to know who it should go to. It’s best to have a specific email address. • Be brief. • Do NOT include attachments; put all relevant information in the email.

  4. A Good, Bad and Ugly Pitch • Ugly: Come to my yard sale in october, we will have alot of stuff and you can help us if you put us on the news we will donate the money.952-1111 • Bad: Come to my multi-family yard sale in Stockton. We will have a lot of stuff and you can help us if you put us on the news. We will donate the money. The address is 1234 Main street. It’s from 9-2. Call Sandy at 952-1111 for more information.

  5. Good • Who: Sandy Smith (209)952-1111. Grandma Smith raises money for Pancreatic Cancer research, 100% of funds raised to help local research efforts. • What: Human interest story: A multi-family yard sale in Stockton to raise funds for pancreatic research. • Where: 1234 Main street in Stockton. Cross streets are Maple and Main. The sale runs from 9-2 but we will be setting up as early as 7:30. We expect the busiest times to be before 9 am and around noon. • When: Saturday October 12, 2013 from 9am-2pm. • Interviews: Sandy Smith, lost husband to pancreatic cancer last year. • - Dr. Jane Lee, oncologist at St. Joseph’s hospital - Shoppers • Visuals: rows of tables with gently used items, furniture, lawn maintenance equipment and more. Shoppers looking to save a dollar buying used items instead of new! Lots of PURPLE! Purple is the color of pancreatic cancer awareness. We will all be wearing purple and have packets of information available for interested shoppers.

  6. From the AP (Associated Press) Featured in this video are Associated Press planning editor Jon Resnick and Associated Press Editor Donna Cassata.

  7. Assignment • You are to pair up with someone in the class for a group project. • Complete the “How to Pitch a News Story” worksheet together.

  8. Extra Credit • Pitch a news story to Delta College Television News for extra credit. • Use the online form located here. • Please include your name and MCOM 01 for the extra credit.