18 personal selling sales promotions
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18 Personal Selling/Sales Promotions

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18 Personal Selling/Sales Promotions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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18 Personal Selling/Sales Promotions. Personal Selling. interpersonal promotional process involving a seller’s person-to-person presentation to a prospective buyer. Personal Selling. Communication Mode . Direct and face-to-face . Communication Control. High. Feedback Amount. Much.

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personal selling
Personal Selling
  • interpersonal promotional process involving a seller’s person-to-person presentation to a prospective buyer.
characteristics of personal selling
Personal Selling

Communication Mode

Direct and face-to-face

Communication Control


Feedback Amount


Feedback Speed


Message Flow Direction


Message Content Control


Sponsor Identification


Reaching Large Audience


Message Flexibility

Tailored to prospect

Characteristics of Personal Selling
intro to personal selling
Intro to Personal Selling
  • Importance: almost every company can benefit from personal selling
    • 10% of workforce (how many have? How many would like to?)
    • Often largest operating expense (up or out; car dealers)
    • Customer contact (info & customer impressions)
Sales management: decisions
    • Sales force
      • # (of salespeople; big issues with commissions, customers and turnover)
      • Compensation
        • Straight salary: most security, control, and simplicity
        • Straight commission (most incentive)
          • Direct: Salary
          • Indirect: part of firm earnings
          • Compensation
        • Align incentive with firm interest (Sears)
      • Combination: most popular (some security and incentives
    • Supervision/Training
Who to serve?
    • Sales territory: geographic area; clear responsibility (overlap; lead in another)
    • Major accounts: special treatment for large (fleet sales for cars)
selling techiques
Selling techiques
  • Selling techniques
    • Customers ≠ (80-20 rule)
    • 3 sales presentations
      • Prepared: more talk, canned leads to trial close, low skill (telemarketing)
      • Consultative: listen, less talk, help solve problems, customers differ, high skill
      • Selling formula: start prepared then steps outlined
job of personal selling 1
Job of Personal Selling (1)
  • Duties:
    • Order getting: without order getters, many of the products we now rely on – ranging from mutual funds to air conditioners – might have died in the market introduction stage
      • Seek new clientele with sales presentation
      • Prospecting: follow all leads (allocate time on potential) – insurance, graduate
job of personal selling 2
Job of Personal Selling (2)
  • Duties (cont…)
    • Order taking
      • Serve current customers and complete routine sales
      • Regular route and customers
      • Low aggression and pressure: pejorative
job of personal selling 3
Job of Personal Selling (3)
  • Duties (cont…)
    • Supporting salespeople: no selling, help order getters & order takers
      • Missionary: entry level
        • Goodwill, stimulate demand for products
        • Tasks: training, coop ads, sales promotion (increase sales 2-3x); drugs
      • Technical specialists: often after o.g. & o.t. visit
        • Scientists and engineers
        • Provide details on complex processes (installation, maintenance etc.)
    • May mix three jobs (retraining people)
sales promotion
Sales Promotion


ConsumerSales Promotion


Sales Promotion

Sales Promotion
tools for consumer sales promotion
Popular Tools


Consumer Sales


Coupons and Rebates


Loyalty Marketing Programs

Contests & Sweepstakes


Point-of-Purchase Promotion

Tools for Consumer Sales Promotion
sales promotion methods for consumers
Sales Promotion Methods for Consumers
  • Coupons Discounts on the purchase price of a good or service
sales promotion methods for consumers1
Sales Promotion Methods for Consumers
  • Premiums – Items given free or at a reduced cost
sales promotion methods for consumers2
Sales Promotion Methods for Consumers
  • Loyalty Programs
    • Reward regular customers

During the annual search, which includes both the U.S. and Canada,

the grandchildren, children, spouses and friends of outstanding grandmas are invited to write in and tell us, in 100 words or less, why their grandmas are the greatest.

  • Consumer Sweepstakes - Chance

Universal Studios Hollywood Terminator 2:3D Sweepstakes


ENTRY: To enter the Universal Studios Hollywood

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sales promotion methods for consumers3
http://www.thefreesite.com/freesamples.htmSales Promotion Methods for Consumers
  • Sampling
    • In store, mail, door-to-door
    • Higher response rates than


sales promotion methods for consumers4
Sales Promotion Methods for Consumers
  • Point-of-Purchase Displays
    • Signs, Window displays, Counter pieces, Display racks to attract customers
    • 70% purchase decisions in-store
the role of trade sales promotion
Gain new distributors

Build or reduce

dealer inventories

Improve trade relations

The Role of Trade Sales Promotion
tools for trade sales promotion
Unique Tools


Trade Sales


Trade Allowances

Push Money

Tools for Trade Sales Promotion