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Marriage IV PowerPoint Presentation
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Marriage IV

Marriage IV

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Marriage IV

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  1. Marriage IV Ministering to the Husband

  2. Ministering to the Husband • Men are focus driven—everything in the heart and mind of the man is focused on the point of desire. • Women are unfocused in general and need the focus of a man to have purpose or a goal in life.

  3. How it Works • A fulfilled man is happy to make progress toward his goal • A fulfilled woman is happy to assist her husband move toward his goal. • The focus of the happy couple is together. The natural happy state of the husband and wife team is working together toward the goal.

  4. Unbalanced Relationships Work / Friends Goal • When the man is not fulfilled the goal looses focus, He becomes attracted to a wrong targets. • When a woman changes focus the team loses control Children

  5. Regaining Focus • The woman has to rebel against societies pull for women’s rights and liberation—very demonic. • Men are visually stimulated. She can recover her husband’s attention if she chooses. • Her children need her focus to be on the family and goals

  6. In the Bed Room • Women need to give their husbands sexual gratification and pleasure. • Men cannot focus without sexual gratification and pleasure. • Everyone has to do things they do not feel like doing. • Husbands have to work when they don’t feel like it

  7. In the Bedroom Cont’d • Women have to give sexual pleasure to their husbands when they don’t feel like it. • These are the facts of life. • Ladies, if you want your husband to succeed and give you what you need, then give him what he needs. • Men can feel a woman is cheating on him if she doesn’t try to please him and focus on his goals.

  8. In Public • Men are the directors, follow them. • Women are the nurturers and are good at it. • Ladies, do not allow your focus to leave the home and husband or you will lose your home and husband. • Neverbelittle the head of the house in the eyes of the children.

  9. Sensitivity in Men • Men are not as strong as the world would like to make out. They have vulnerabilities. • Sexual – suffer hurt and rejection easily • Ego – need to be appreciated for the goals they set. • Affection – require touching and nurturing • Cooperation – cannot reach the goal without it.

  10. Women and Focus • A woman who leaves her husband’s focus / goal is a fool. • Short times of working to help move the family toward the goal, especially in emergencies, cannot be avoided—however she should return to the goal and family as quickly as she can or lose them.

  11. Women and Careers • Until the family has grown up and moved out, the family is her career. • After the children are gone she should make her career choices focus around her husband’s goal • Older women are beautiful too. If they take care of themselves and try to be pretty and seductive they can do it.

  12. Husband’s Natural Tendency • Husbands want to please their women • Sacrifice for them • Love them • Encourage them • Treat them like queens • Are “beauty blind” about their wives • Cannot tell from fat from skinny in the bedroom

  13. Midlife Crisis • Unsatisfied men tend to go into midlife crisis • When he seeks out the extreme clothing and sports car—look out. • It is not wrong but wise to seduce your husband frequently • Buy special lingerie—men are visually stimulated

  14. Midlife Crisis Cont’d • Encourage your husband—tell him how much you appreciate the effort he is making toward his goals (prophecy doesn’t hurt.) • Tell him the positives of his goal choices • Let him know what you think and see. • Take the warning signs as a signal to get radical and win.

  15. Midlife Crisis Cont’d • Follow him • Follow him • Follow him • Be pretty • Follow him