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WISENET Wireless Sensor Network

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WISENET Wireless Sensor Network - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WISENET Wireless Sensor Network. Project Team: J. Dunne D. Patnode Advisors: Dr. Malinowski Dr. Schertz. Overview. Introduction Design Goals Design Methodology Subsystems Project Success Future Extensions / Projects Applications Conclusion. Introduction.

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Presentation Transcript
wisenet wireless sensor network
WISENETWireless Sensor Network

Project Team:

J. Dunne

D. Patnode


Dr. Malinowski

Dr. Schertz



Design Goals

Design Methodology


Project Success

Future Extensions / Projects



  • Wireless Sensor Networks
    • One of MIT's 10 emerging technologies
    • Low-power systems
    • New applications: sensing, controls, automation
  • WISENET: Wireless Sensor Network
    • Office environment monitoring
      • Temperature, humidity, light
    • Quantitively evaluate heating & A/C systems
    • Funding & support provided by Honeywell, Int'l.
design goals
Design Goals

Use of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software & standard interfaces where applicable

Apache web-server (HTTP)

MySQL database

PHP web programming language

Simple, web-based user interface

Battery-powered, wireless sensor nodes: 'motes'

Low-power consumption = Long battery life

Motes create self-organizing ('ad-hoc') networks for robust communications

design methodology
Design Methodology
  • Top-Down Design Process:
    • Define major subsystems
    • Define subsystem interfaces
  • Primary Subsystems:
    • Client
      • Standard Web browser via Internet
    • Server
    • Wireless mote network
  • Written in C++
    • Utilizes open-source APIs
      • Application Programming Interfaces (API)
      • MySQL++ database API
      • Serial API
  • Relays information from mote network to database
  • Sends commands to mote network

Web Program

  • Written in PHP4
  • Utilizes Charting Software: ChartDirector v3.0
  • Generates 3 Graphs (default)
  • Passes Parameters via HTTP GET
    • Use bookmarks for specific queries
  • Retrieves Data for Specific Mote or All Motes

Web Program

Data Retrieval Form:


Web Program

Generated Graphs:

  • Real-time operating system for microcontrollers
  • Open-source project at UC Berkeley
  • Key Features:
    • Developed for sensing applications
    • Emphasis on low-power: Idle & sleep modes
    • Highly modular architecture
    • Efficient utilization of resources
  • Currently developed for Atmega microcontrollers
project success
Wisenet is partially operational

2 Motes w/ prototype sensor boards

TinyOS modified for CC1010

Server running WiseDB + web interface

Sensor boards are not currently powered by batteries.

Problems with DC-DC converter

Unable to test multi-hop routing due to lack of motes

Project Success
future projects extensions
Expand network to develop & test multi-hop routing

Develop a single-board mote

Create a expandable, plug-in sensor interface

Research alternative energy sources

Solar cell, rechargeable batteries

Continue development of TinyOS

Improve tools

Optimize performance / reduce power usage

Improve web interface

Data analysis

Future Projects / Extensions

Potential Applications

  • Lab / Office Monitoring
  • Natural Habitat Monitoring
  • Automation / Process Control
    • Where wired sensors are impractical
  • Security Systems
    • Intrusion detection & occupancy sensors
  • Extreme Weather Surveillance
    • Think “Twister”
  • Potential Biomedical Applications
    • Critical fall alert for the elderly
  • Military Reconnaissance
    • Monitor battlefields, sensitive locations
  • WISENET: Wireless Sensor Network
  • Emerging technology that will change the world
  • Many real-world applications
  • Low-power
  • Open-source software
  • Modular mote application design (TinyOS)
  • Flexible server implementation
  • Simple user interface via the web

WISENET is a step to the future of

wireless sensing technology.