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UIS EDEN Workflow Engine PowerPoint Presentation
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UIS EDEN Workflow Engine

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UIS EDEN Workflow Engine
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UIS EDEN Workflow Engine

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  1. UIS EDEN Workflow Engine Overview of workflow engine for IU’s OneStart portal.

  2. Other HRMS SIS FIS IUIE Users Security Workflow OneStart & EDEN Component-Based Development User Interface OneStart Customized Personalized Adaptable Desktop Application Delivered Channels Applications Other Content Services Infrastructure Record Keeping Application Services EDEN

  3. Goals of EWE • Service to enterprise applications that routes electronic transactions to individuals or systems for work, approval or notification. • Audit trail of all routing and actions taken on electronic transactions. • Integration with IU’s portal.

  4. Technical Architecture • Component Based – EJB’s • Application interface • Application post-processors • Route Modules • Documents processed in XML format • Minimal content is EWE route control data • EWE can be used as the storage for pending transactions. • EWE can enable versioning of information. • Web services – applications required to register a web service for each document type.

  5. Document creation Application using EWE • Applications send XML version of electronic document to EWE. • (Document must be of a registered type.) Workflow engine Request route ID for doc

  6. Route Document Application using EWE • EWE submits XML to route modules Workflow engine RouteDoc( XML contents of doc )

  7. Discover Action Requests Routing Modules Workflow engine 1) XML for document 2) ActionRequests Route modules scan XML for specific route controls and match document information to action request rules. 3) Add action requests to document route Route modules return list of action requests

  8. Activate Next Action Request • Document’s action requests are activated by: • Route type priority as determined by document type route template • Request priority as determined by the route rule • Order in which request was associated with the document. • The activated requests are put on the appropriate action lists of the persons or processes.

  9. Review Action List • Person reviews action list in the portal. • Person is able to see the routing log and other header information.

  10. Open document • Action list refers user to original application to see any business information in the document. • Application consults with engine to determine what elements of the document to show the user, if any.

  11. Approve Document • User acts upon the action request. • Application business rules are applied to control actions taken on the document.

  12. Route Document again Application using EWE Workflow engine RouteDoc( updated XML contents of doc and action taken by user )

  13. Post-process document • Once the engine has determined that all routing is complete, it then notifies the application post-processor. • This is an EJB for the application that does appropriate work with the document such as changing pending status, updating calculations, generate new documents, etc.

  14. ADDITIONAL FEATURES • Add Recordkeeping Routing Rules • Add Recordkeeping Environment

  15. Conceptual Design – Workflow and Electronic Recordkeeping Applications EDEN (Infrastructure) FIS Portal (User Interface) Inbox HRMS Workflow Engine OneStart Purchasing Preference Engine Recordkeeping

  16. Record Capture • System officially “captures” records for the University • Capture involves process of: • 1) Officially registering and authenticating a record • 2) Transferring the record to a secure and managed Recordkeeping System • Capture will be an automated process within the EDEN workflow engine

  17. Record Metadata Capture • Capture of metadata and audits trails would be an automated process • Linking the original document to audit trails and to any additional metadata would be an automated process within the EDEN workflow engine