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Transport through the Ages PowerPoint Presentation
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Transport through the Ages

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Transport through the Ages
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Transport through the Ages

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  1. Transport through the Ages

  2. History of Transport At first there was walking….

  3. People have been walking and carrying goods for centuries….

  4. Animals were used as well Later animals were were trained to carry people and goods….they still are!

  5. Early Man used dugout canoes for transport. These canoes were used for transporting goods and fishing. Dugouts are still in use in many countries today.

  6. With the invention of sails wind was harnessed. This made travel quicker and easier. Boats became larger so more cargo could be transported.

  7. Modern ships can transport large quantities of people and cargo.

  8. Following the invention of the wheel came cycling

  9. By combining the wheel and horse power coaches began to be popular

  10. Rich people had very grand coaches

  11. Stagecoaches began transporting people.….sometimes highwaymen lay in wait to rob them!

  12. All over Britain Canals were being built to join cities together.

  13. Canals soon became the main way of moving heavy goods

  14. The invention of steam power made railways possible Steam engines were first used in mines. Later they were used in factories. Later still they were used to pull loads on rails.

  15. With the advent of steam power came the railways

  16. Railways came in all sorts of designs

  17. Motoring became important after the invention of the petrol engine

  18. Balloons From earliest times Man had dreamed of flying. Balloons were the first means of flight in the 18th Century.

  19. Air Travel The development of world air travel has meant the mass movement of people around the globe

  20. And Finally - Space Nowadays space travel for young people could be a real possibility in the near future!

  21. quiz 1. What was the first form of transport? carwalkingtrainbus 2. Are animals still used for transport today? yesno 3. Which form of transport followed canals? ballooningrailwayswalkingspace 4. What danger lay in wait for stage coach travelers? road rutspolice bumpsrobbers 5. What invention made railways possible ? steam powerpetrol enginerocket power 6. Where were steam engines first used ? minesfactoriesrailways

  22. Click here to do your worksheet.

  23. THE END