the novelis project honduras tour july 2007 l.
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The Novelis Project Honduras tour July 2007 PowerPoint Presentation
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The Novelis Project Honduras tour July 2007

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The Novelis Project Honduras tour July 2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Novelis Project Honduras tour July 2007 The Victoriano Lopez School of Music in San Pedro Sula

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The Novelis Project Honduras tour July 2007

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the victoriano lopez school of music in san pedro sula
The Victoriano Lopez School of Music in San Pedro Sula
  • The entire project started as a dream. Venus Parker founder of the Novelis Project attended this school in her early years and wanted to give back what once was given to her in her youth. The school always needs supplies, such us sheet music, rosin, strings, shoulder rests, instrument repair materials such us bow hair, fine tuners, etc. After being away for almost twenty years decided to visit the school and give a series of master classes and a concert at the school’s chamber music hall.
  • It was a wonderful experience to be able to teach attentive and eager to learn students.
  • At the end of the master classes we ruffled the supplies that we donated to the students in great need of these.
concert at the saybe theater
Concert at The Saybe Theater
  • This was the very first concert in our tour.

It rook place a The Jose Francisco Saybe Theater a state of the art theater, a true magical experience. Once on stage all the lights were turned off and only four spot lights where place on the quartet members. You could feel every note vibrating through our bodies while playing the passionate tangos from our Latin repertoire.

  • It was a true pleasure to get to perform for such a appreciative audience, they became our inspiration from piece to piece.
second concert in tela
Second concert in TELA

Tela is located in the Caribbean cost of Honduras. The Poulenc String Quartet was the first chamber music group ever to perform in this house of culture.

The people from Tela made us feel at home, playing in this new building was a real treat, the acoustics were Incredible!

Native artists had their art display all over the building.

la esperanza intibuca
La Esperanza, INTIBUCA

La Esperanza was

one of the most beautiful places

we had the pleasure to visit perform. The

house of culture was donated by a prominent family from this city. We had to travel three hours to get to this city in the high mountains. We where invited to stay at a “POSADA”

A home that was built in 1845 with a beautiful garden in the center of the home. After experiencing the intense heat in San Pedro Sula, it was a treat to feel the cool weather and breathing the pure air.

el progreso
El Progreso

We had the honor to

perform at the grand opening

of this house ofculture that took ten years to

be built. One of the members of the arts society of this city

donated their parents wooden

floor that was install on the

stage. The welcoming on this city and

hospitality was overwhelming.

At the end of our performance

we were presented with a

plaque by the

santa rosa de copan
Santa Rosa de Copan

This was one the most

special concerts we gave

on the entire tour.

Santa Rosa’s house of

culture was also the center where children of all ages are given the opportunity to be involved

with the fine arts. In this

building, Classes of ballet,

oil painting, sculpture, flute,

violin and guitar are

provided. Volunteers from

the peace core donate their

services and learn Spanish

at the same time.

ciudad de gracias casa galeano
Ciudad de GRACIAS, Casa Galeano
  • This was the last concert of our concert tour which it took place at the house of culture Casa Galeano. This house was donated by the Galeano family, one of the most prominent families in this city.
  • We played in the courtyard area inside the house complex. At the

end of the concert members of the culture society

thank us by giving us handmade flower arrangements

and thunderous applause.

  • The hospitality and the appreciation

of these beautiful people is something we will never forget.

We want to let the entire world know that Honduras is a beautiful country full of beautiful who highly value fine arts.