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Herakles rescues Theseus from the Underworld PowerPoint Presentation
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Herakles rescues Theseus from the Underworld

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Herakles rescues Theseus from the Underworld

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Herakles rescues Theseus from the Underworld

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  1. Herakles rescues Theseus from the Underworld

  2. Achilles Herakles father is mortal: Peleus father is immortal: Zeus mother is immortal: Thetis mother is mortal: Alcmena (“foster” father is mortal: Amphitryon cf. Aegeus, mortal father of Theseus, while Poseidon is his “biological” father)

  3. The paradoxical Herakles • Hounded by Hera, his name, “Herakles,” nevertheless means “glory of Hera”

  4. Herakles nurses at the breast of Hera… and from the spilled milk originated the milky way

  5. Hera’s opposition to Herakles starts early on: she sends deadly snakes, which baby Herakles chokes with his own hands

  6. The incident also serves to highlight Herakles’ physical superiority over his twin and half brother Iphikles

  7. Herakles as a Symbol of Excess … in all its Forms

  8. Herakles is sold as slave to Omphale, Queen of Lydia (to atone for the murder of his guest, Iphitus)

  9. Herakles as a Symbol of the Human Condition

  10. Plan of Temple Zeus at OlympiaThe Labors of Herakles are depicted on the metopes, six on the east end, six on the west

  11. A: triglyph • B: metope

  12. The 12 labors on the 12 metopes

  13. Apollo and the Centauromachy on the West Pediment of the Temple of Zeus at Olympia

  14. Zeus and the Fatal Chariot Race (between Pelops and Oinomaos) on the East pediment of the temple of Zeus at Olympia

  15. The 12 Labors of Heraklesthe successful/victorious athlete IS a CIVILIZING FORCE

  16. The (invulnerable) Nemean Lion whom Herakles kills by choking him

  17. Herakles fights the Lernaean Hydra, whose hundred serpent heads he cuts with a sickle and cauterizes with fire

  18. The Keryneian Hind, whose horns were made of gold and who was sacred to Artemis. Entrusted not to kill the hind, Herakles tried to outrun it but failed, and ended up wounding the animal with his arrow

  19. The Erymanthian boar: Classic Heraklean tale about killing baneful animals who plague the land

  20. Athena instructs Herakles how to clean the stables of Augeas: by diverting a river

  21. The Stymphalian birds, whom Herakles defeats with castanets (made by Hephaistos) given to him by Athena

  22. Herakles and the Cretan Bull

  23. The defeat of the Cretan Bull is a bit like defeating the Minotaur (in some versions, this is the very bull, whom Minos refused to sacrifice to Poseidon and who mated with his wife Pasiphae

  24. The Mares of Diomedes devour human flesh

  25. Herakles claims the war belt of Hippolyte, Queen of the Amazons:the male culture hero symbolically defeats/subdues female anti-order

  26. Herakles against the triple-bodied Geryon, whose cattle he has stolen (note the fallen dog, the 2-headed Orthos, offspring of Typhon and Echidna)

  27. The Golden Apples of the Hesperides (located in Hyperborea) guarded by a serpent: the impossible object of desire, the eternally young, virgin woman

  28. Herakles’ last labor: bringing Hades’ hound from the underworld