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ECAS Project overview: background, results and benefits Nina Vranesevic IDE – Institute for the Development of Education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ECAS Project overview: background, results and benefits Nina Vranesevic IDE – Institute for the Development of Education Zagreb, Croatia. Project info. Project title : "ECAS - Establishing Career A dvising S ervices at the Croatian Universities“

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ECAS Project overview: background, results and benefitsNina VranesevicIDE – Institute for the Development of EducationZagreb, Croatia

Project info
Project info

Project title: "ECAS - Establishing Career

Advising Services at the Croatian Universities“

Donator:European Commission, Directorate-General for Education and Culture; TEMPUS JEP Programme

Duration of the project: 01.09.2007.-31.12.2009.

Project Cooridnator:University of Dubrovnik

Project info ecas partners
Project info – ECAS partners

Croatian Partners:

  • University of Rijeka

  • J.J. Strossmayer Universityin Osijek

  • Institute for the Development of Education, Zagreb

    EU Partners:

  • Grant holder: Technische Universität Dresden (Germany) 

  • Erasmus University Rotterdam (the Netherlands) 

  • Stanislaw Staszic College of Public Administration (Poland)

Ecas project background
ECAS project background

IDE has been actively involved in the initiative of establishing career advising services at Croatian universities since 2005 as a part of its activities related to the development of student services at Croatian universities.

Before partnering at ECAS, IDE coordinated a Tempus SCM project CAREER: Platform for Career Advice Centers in Croatia (2005-2006)

  • Project goal: to create the platform for launching Career Advice Service (CAS) centers at all Croatian universities.

  • Main project activities:

    1) Needs analysis/feasibility study of the introduction of CAS at Croatian universities

    2) Drafting of CAS centre models corresponding to the needs of each Croatian university

    3) Publication of platform for launching CAS at Croatian universities

Ecas project background1
ECAS project background

CAREER survey results showed that:

  • 52,6% of students at 6 public universities in Croatia were not satisfied with the information available at their universities about employment opportunities

  • Students have mostly been informed on their employment opportunities from informal sources and outside of universities (43,9%)

  • Students clearly expressed theneed for career advising services stressing the importance of individual counseling, skills that increase employability such as writing of CVs and job applications, time management workshops, self-presentation skills, etc.

Ecas project background2
ECAS project background

The absence of career advising services leaves students unaware of available academic programmes and job opportunities, resulting in:

  • Unfocused study, which causes high drop-out rate (46%)

  • Long periods of study (average of 7 years for UG programs)

  • Vague career goals

  • Underdeveloped employability due to insufficient links between universities and the job market

Needs for cas at croatian universities
Needs for CAS at Croatian universities

  • Career advising is an integral part of the development strategy of universities that want to become institutions with a European dimension

  • CAS bridges the gap between universities and the job market – universities and employers should actively participate in scientific collaboration and university graduates should be able to compete on the European labour market

  • Primary purpose of CAS is to provide assistance to students in vocational guidance, establish contact with potential employers and teach students about possibilities of further education or training after the completion of their studies.

Ecas project goal and o bjectiv es
ECAS project goal and objectives

Main project goal: to launch career advising centres for students at three Croatian universities (University of Dubrovnik, University of Rijeka and J. J. Strossmayer University of Osijek) in order for universities to better prepare their students to enter the job market.

Project objectives:

  • to prepare students for the EU job market needs

  • to enhance employability of students in Croatia

Ecas project outcomes
ECAS project outcomes

  • Established CAS at 3 Croatian universities

  • CAS staff trained for career advising

  • Networking with employers

  • Developed CAS workshops for students

  • Established CAS websites

  • CAS promotion materials (leaflets)

Ecas long term results and benefits
ECAS long term results and benefits

  • Establishment of CAS - contribution to the transition towards a “student-centered” higher education system in Croatia, in line with the Bologna reform

  • CAS for students – improving the educational experience at universities through development of new skills – more focused study and decreased student drop-out rate

  • CAS as addition to key services for students at universities – crucial in the process of university and study programs accreditation

  • CAS offers open and equal access to information on academic, employment and work experience opportunities

  • CAS influences increased student mobility and employability

  • Improved inter-sectoral cooperation: better connections between universities and the job market

Ecas best practices and its influence
ECAS best practices and its influence

  • The Croatian academic and general public was informed about the project and its activities through press releases and public CAS opening ceremonies

  • Other universities in Croatia are in the process of opening their CAS and using ECAS best practices (UNIZG, Faculty of Economic UNIZG etc.)

  • ECAS best practices in establishment of CAS at Croatian universities, as well as career advising as an action measure in increasing employability of young people, were presented and used as a model through IDE’s participation in the Working group for drafting and implementation of Croatia’s National implementation plan for employment (2009-2010) based on Joint Assessment of the Employment Policy Priorities of the Republic of Croatia – JAP

  • CAS staff trained during ECAS were invited to participate in the national Public Policy Network (established by IDE) in the thematic community dealing with connections between higher education and job market in Croatia

Thank you for your attention
Thank you for your attention.

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