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Driver Diagrams. Jackie McCallum. Why use driver diagrams?. To break any broad aim, graphically, into increasing levels of detailed actions that must or could be done to achieve the stated aim. What do driver diagrams do?. Encourages team to expand their thinking

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Driver diagrams l.jpg

Driver Diagrams

Jackie McCallum

Why use driver diagrams l.jpg
Why use driver diagrams?

To break any broad aim, graphically, into increasing levels of detailed actions that must or could be done to achieve the stated aim

What do driver diagrams do l.jpg
What do driver diagrams do?

  • Encourages team to expand their thinking

  • Keeps thinking linked to the overall aim

  • Allows participants and reviewers to see the logical links and completeness at every level of the plan

  • Supports the development of measures

How do we develop a driver diagram l.jpg
How do we develop a driver diagram?

  • Overall aim statement – a clear, action orientated statement

  • Primary drivers – system components which will contribute to achieving the aim

  • Secondary drivers – elements within the associated primary driver

  • Process change – planned or in progress

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Use chi balls

Use chi balls

Use chi balls

Improvement measures l.jpg
Improvement measures

  • Allows us to know if a change was an improvement

  • Imbedded in the driver diagram

  • Driver diagram encourages the development of measures at the early stages

  • Require operational definitions

Slide8 l.jpg

Scottish Patient Safety Programme

Critical Care Driver Diagram

Secondary Drivers

Components, Activities


Primary Drivers

Processes, Rules of

Conduct, Structure

  • Reliable Process of Care:

  • Prevent ventilator complications

  • Prevent CL complications

  • Reduce complications from PVC’s

  • Prevent Inf. & cross contamination

  • Proper Sepsis Rec. and Rx

  • Involve Pt./Family into Goal

  • Setting Process

  • Communications Team & Family

  • Clarify care wishes and EOL planning

  • Appropriate Infrastructure to Provide Reliable, Evidence Based Care

  • Improve ICU throughput

  • Competent staff with knowledge in QI Work

  • Reliable planning, communication and collaboration of a multi disciplinary team

Provide reliable, timely, care using evidence-based therapies




(Reduced Mortality,



and Other

Adverse Events)

Integrate patient and family into care

Develop infrastructure that promotes

quality care

Create a

collaborative team

and safety culture