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CourseCast Teaching Resources PowerPoint Presentation
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CourseCast Teaching Resources

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CourseCast Teaching Resources
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CourseCast Teaching Resources

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    1. CourseCast Teaching Resources

    3. Requesting a Course on BlackBoard Before you can begin teaching an online course, you must first fill out a Request Online Course form. Navigate to the CourseWeb and click the Organizations tab. Click the BlackBoard Resources link, and then click the Online Forms link. You will find the Request Online Course form here.

    4. The Studio Faculty members have an array of software and hardware available for use, including: Computers Camera 3-4 channel sound mixing board Microphones Lighting Rogue Amoeba Audio Hijack Camtasia Audacity IShowYou (Camtasia clone for Macs) ProfCast Webcam for each instructor

    5. Request to Have your Class Taped Contact Sue Alman and complete CourseCast Request Form Contact Marcy Walls for date and time Obtain username and password from Marcy Walls

    6. To Begin Taping Create PowerPoint Type in your browser Within the login section, enter your username and password Find the appropriate class session Click Present PowerPoint. Locate your saved PowerPoint To begin taping, maximize the PowerPoint by clicking the View menu and selecting Side Show.

    7. To End Taping When you have finished your class session, close the PowerPoint window and the CourseCast The videographer will stop taping and turn off the camera. The link to your course will be sent to you via email within 48 hours.

    8. Suggestions for a Smooth CourseCast Process Giving your user name and password to your videographer at the beginning of the term Change your password to something you will remember Write your user name and password in your notebook Try to arrive to the taping session five minutes before the scheduled time

    9. Guest Lectures or Colloquia Speakers The Instructor hosting the guest lecturer or colloquium should notify Marcy Walls (6th floor office) at least ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE and obtain a CourseCast Request Form. If the session is created under YOUR CLASS, then you will need to use your user name and password. If the session is created as a SYM session, then the username is Guest and the password is Lecture.

    10. Questions or Comments Any Questions or Comments should be directed to: Jane Ceol, Adminstrative Secretary School of Information Science,612 IS Building 135 N. Bellefield Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15260 412.624.1442