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Clinical Practice Improvement (CPI). Sue Markowsky, Pharm.D. Regional Director, CPI / Capstone Paper. Clinical Practice Improvement (CPI). CPI Objective: Improve practice within your realm of influence. Example:

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Clinical practice improvement cpi

Clinical Practice Improvement (CPI)

Sue Markowsky, Pharm.D.

Regional Director, CPI / Capstone Paper

Clinical practice improvement cpi1
Clinical Practice Improvement (CPI)

CPI Objective:

  • Improve practice within your realm of influence.

  • Example:

    • Aim to improve patient-centered care or pharmacy practice at your workplace (or voluntary practice setting)

Continuing professional development
Continuing Professional Development

  • CPD Processes* for Lifelong Learning

    Initial Reflection

    Goals and Plan



    Reflection (cycle repeats)

    *Refer to Dr. Mitrzyk’s CPD Lecture for Examples

Cpi year 1 reflect and plan
CPI Year 1: Reflect and Plan

  • Reflect on ideas for clinical practice improvement

    Consider :

    • Patient needs

    • Personal / professional interests

    • Workplace opportunities

    • Search literature for published studies relevant to topic

  • Plan:

    • Outline CPI goals

    • Design strategies to improve practice

    • Write a plan / proposal which details CPI activiies

    • Plan Implementation of CPI activities

Cpi year 2 activities
CPI Year 2: Activities

  • Implement CPI activities

  • Provide written reports each semester:

    • describe progress with practice improvement activities

    • submit evidence of accomplishments


  • Successful CPI Planning and Implementation will require effective leadership skills

  • Review Dr. Karen Riley’s lecture on Leadership (Foundations Course) prior to planning CPI activities

Cpi year 2 implementation
CPI Year 2: Implementation

Examples :

  • Design and provide an educational program to health care professionals

  • Implement or improve a patient counselling program for diabetics

  • Improve drug delivery systems or processes to reduce medication errors

  • Implement or improve clinical pharmacy services

  • Establish a medication therapy management programImplement a smoking cessation program

  • Implement a pharmacist-run vaccination service

Important note
Important Note

  • Do not include an evaluative component or data collection phase

  • Students are asked not to outline, plan, present or write about any institution-specific data collection

  • STOP HERE: UF IRB approval is required for any student assignments involving systematic data collection including clinical research, employee or patient surveys, outcomes data, quality improvement projects, etc…

Cpi year 1 timelines
CPI Year 1: Timelines

  • 1st Semester: Reflect

    • Reflect on 1-3 potential project ideas

    • Complete Course Assignment (see Next Steps, Resources)

    • Record your best ideas

Cpi year 1 2 nd semester
CPI Year 1: 2nd Semester

  • Outline Goals and Strategies to improve practice

    • Complete CPI Outline form

      • outline objectives and initial planning steps

    • Search literature on evidence available for CPI topic

    • Submit to PharmPortfolio*

      *Refer to Manual for WPPD PharmPortfolio

Cpi year 1 2nd semester details
CPI Year 1: 2nd Semester Details

  • Reflect on CPI ideas and professional goals

  • Decide on your first choice for the CPI strategy

  • Outline CPI objectives, strategy, and initial steps

  • Complete literature search for relevant evidence

  • Submit outline to facilitator

  • Present outline to facilitator and group for feedback

    • Regional: Session #1

    • Remote: weekend session

  • Improve and resubmit based on facilitator feedback

Cpi year 1 3 rd semester
CPI Year 1: 3rd Semester

  • Write a 1-2 page full paragraph paper which details the CPI Planned Activities

  • Submit the paper to PharmPortfolio* and Year 1 Practice Experiences Elearning site.

    *Refer to Manual for WPPD PharmPortfolio

Cpi timeline 4 th to 6 th semesters
CPI Timeline: 4th to 6th Semesters

  • Provide verbal and written class updates on accomplishments each semester during Session 1 or Remote Weekend

  • Submit evidences each semester to PharmPortfolio

  • Provide followup to the CPI action plan

Pharm portfolio

  • See Dr. Diane Beck’s lecture and demonstration of PharmPortfolio

  • Refer to the Manual for PharmPortfolio (see Resources, Next Steps section folders).

Capstone year 3 paper
Capstone Year 3 Paper

  • Write a review paper summarizing clinical trials relevant to pharmacy practice

  • Recommended Option:

    • Write a practice paper which evaluates and summarizes published clinical trials which are relevant broadly or directly to the CPI plan / activities completed during CPI Year 1 and 2.

  • Alternative Option:

    • Write a review paper which evaluates and summarizes published clinical trials regarding a specific medication or pharmacy-related topic.

  • See next presentation “Capstone Paper”