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Spanish-American War

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Spanish-American War - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spanish-American War. What is Imperialism? -The policy by which strong nations extend their political, military, and economic control over weaker territories. Why did nations across the world want Imperialism?

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factors leading to imperialism

What is Imperialism?

-The policy by which strong nations extend their political, military, and economic control over weaker territories.

Why did nations across the world want Imperialism?

-Powerful nations wanted to extend their influence across the world. This caused the United States to consider the benefits of imperialism.

Factors Leading to Imperialism
factors leading to imperialism1

3 main factors that led to imperialism worldwide:

1.Economic benefits:

-Need of raw materials for home land

-Possession of colonies gave countries competitive edge

-Trade with other countries would solve US economic problems

2. Military strength

-To expand and protect interests

-Alfred T. Mahan grew American Naval power-gave US third largest navy in the world

3. National superiority:

- Social Darwinism

-people thought the United States wouldn’t survive without expanding

-Manifest Destiny

Factors leading to imperialism
reasons for the war with spain

Bitter towards Spain for repression of Cuba

US had a desire to expand their country both physically and politically

Cuban independence movement

“The Yellow Press”

Mysterious Explosion of the USS Maine


Reasons for the War with Spain

USS Maine video

the rough riders
The Rough Riders

• Volunteers of native Americans, college athletes, cowboys, and ranchers.

• Secured many outposts such as Las Guasimas and San Juan Heights surrounding Santiago

• Many men contracted the virus of Malarial fever(Cuban fever) while returning home, but all were back to good health within the next month

treaty of paris 1898

October 1, 1898, Spain and America meet in Paris

Ended Spanish-American War

All Europe, besides England, on Spain’s side

Discussed Cuba and debt, but mostly Philippines

US pays $20 million for Philippines and Spain’s losses.

America gains Guam and Puerto Rico

Spain gives up claims to Cuba

Signed on October 10, 1898

Anti-expansionists against acquisition of Philippines.

1899: Treaty ratified. US becomes world power.

Treaty of Paris 1898
platt amendment

American Army doesn’t leave Cuba till 1902

  • US Congress requires Cuba to acknowledge the Platt Amendment:
    • Restricted Cuban rights
    • Brought the island into the US sphere
    • Cubans need US approval to sign any treaty
    • Cuban naval station leased to the US
    • Granted the US the “right to intervene”
Platt Amendment
what we gained from the war
What We Gained from The War
  • Land Gains
    • Treaty of Paris grants us control of the Philippines, Guam, and Puerto Rico
  • Economic Advantages
    • Cuba: New trading partner, sugar crop, US business expands
    • Philippines: Copper, petroleum, fruits
    • Guam: Fish, Agriculture
    • Puerto Rico: Agriculture
  • Nationalism
  • New sense of religion
    • Duty to educate and give free rights
  • Imperialism
  • A new stature in world affairs
    • Seen as a powerful Nation
factors leading to expansion


Manifest Destiny


Desire to export

Desire to spread the concept of a democratic government system

Factors Leading to Expansion
pro expansionists vs anti imperialists


  • “White Man’s Burden”
  • Helps economy and establishes trade opportunities
  • Establishes America as a world power
  • Philippines
  • William McKinley
  • American Anti-imperialist League 1899
  • William Jennings Bryan and Mark Twain
  • Violated United States’ republican government
Pro-expansionists vs. Anti-imperialists

1. How did the anti-imperialists and pro-expansionists affect the way Americans viewed the Spanish-American war?

2. How did the reasons for going to war differ from what we gained from it?

3. Analyze and discuss the connection between social Darwinism and the “White Man’s Burden”.